Jessica Simpson's Dog Daisy: Snatched By Coyote!

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It's just not Jessica Simpson's year.

First celeb gossip sites post photos of her looking fat, then her country music label drops her from its lineup, then Tony Romo dumps her a night before her birthday, romancing younger, hotter Candice Crawford soon after. Rough.

The alleged singer-actress was dealt a new, sad setback last night when her beloved dog Daisy was abducted, allegedly by a coyote, in Southern California.

The maltipoo, which Nick Lachey gave Jessica as a sign of their undying love once upon a time, may have met a tragic demise similar to their marriage.

Jessica Tweeted that the "carmel [sic] colored" pup was snatched "right in front of her eyes" by a coyote last night. We're guessing Daisy wasn't on a leash.

She posted this reward notice:

Poor Daisy. Just look at that face! Sniff.

Coyotes have been roaming closer to the human population with the wildfires in the area driving them out of their natural habitat. People are being advised not to leave trash or pets outside as snacks for these hungry, wild animals.

Daisy is not the only casualty of this unfortunate scenario. Coyotes have to eat too. Keep dogs and cats inside, people of the L.A. metropolitan area.

We truly are sorry about Daisy and hope Jessica miraculously gets her back or adopts a new pet. Daisy can't be replaced, but all puppies are cute.

Maybe John Mayer can comfort her too.

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i feel so bad for that poor dog. jessica should have been paying closer attention to her. i agree with most of the others that she will probably not be found alive. rip daisy


too bad it didnt get ashley instead


We have a coyote problem in my Texas neighborhood. I have lost a cat to coyotes and my neighbors have lost their small dogs. Since mankind has destroyed the coyote's territory with houses and shopping centers, the coyotes have no choice but to feed on small pets. People have to be aware of what is in their neighborhood. People in my neighborhood no longer keep their pets out at night and small dogs are walked with leashes. Jessica knows there are coyotes in her area, why wasn't she walking the dog on a leash. She will not find the dog alive. Her neighbors heard screaming because it was being killed and eaten. That is nature. I do feel sorry and bad for her dog, however, why is Jessica getting so much publicity for this.


Give it up.....the coyote is not looking for ransom, its looking for lunch


Help with what? If a coyote snatched the dog, there's nothing to be found. Hey, I feel for the dog, but that's nature....