Jessica Simpson's Dog Daisy: Snatched By Coyote!

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It's just not Jessica Simpson's year.

First celeb gossip sites post photos of her looking fat, then her country music label drops her from its lineup, then Tony Romo dumps her a night before her birthday, romancing younger, hotter Candice Crawford soon after. Rough.

The alleged singer-actress was dealt a new, sad setback last night when her beloved dog Daisy was abducted, allegedly by a coyote, in Southern California.

The maltipoo, which Nick Lachey gave Jessica as a sign of their undying love once upon a time, may have met a tragic demise similar to their marriage.

Jessica Tweeted that the "carmel [sic] colored" pup was snatched "right in front of her eyes" by a coyote last night. We're guessing Daisy wasn't on a leash.

She posted this reward notice:

Poor Daisy. Just look at that face! Sniff.

Coyotes have been roaming closer to the human population with the wildfires in the area driving them out of their natural habitat. People are being advised not to leave trash or pets outside as snacks for these hungry, wild animals.

Daisy is not the only casualty of this unfortunate scenario. Coyotes have to eat too. Keep dogs and cats inside, people of the L.A. metropolitan area.

We truly are sorry about Daisy and hope Jessica miraculously gets her back or adopts a new pet. Daisy can't be replaced, but all puppies are cute.

Maybe John Mayer can comfort her too.

Jessica Twit

Frankly, it was rather stupid & irresponsible of her to leave out that tender morsel. There is no way that dog could defend itself and that was a really sweet, cute pup. To go from the life of luxury, to being devoured by a starving coyote. Gee whiz.
Yeah, I guess climate change (that increases fires) really IS a growing problem!


Hello it was a dog not a child!!!!! Its nature animals eat animals!! Its sad yes but what can ya do??? Nothing!!


people on here thats are leaving horrible comment towards jessica simpson and her pet daisy should be ashamed of yourselfes. how would u like it if your dog/child/or anyother person or pet got taken by a coyote u wouldnt be laugh it a very serious matter.
grow up and stop your suppose to be supporting jessica at this difficult time.


For the people posting that they hope the dog is dead, may God bless you. That is a terrible thing to post. Perhaps something should happen tragically in your family. Very nasty & cruel. I hope she finds her dog or any trace of her dog. It truly is terrible. My heart hurts for her.


Hey, I feel sorry for the poor dog but come on..........a reward??? Does she think the coyote will change it's mind and tell Jessica where Daisy is for a reward??? Reality check here hon........


My heart breaks for Jessica and Her baby Daisy. What a horror that must have been. To all the horrid comments from you ghouls out there. May someone or something you love meet a horrible fate for you to get a heart and a soul. To Jessica grieve and know that there are folks out here who understand you pain and grief.


LMAO im sorry but this is just funny. Look who it happened to come on. I feel for the poor dog but not for Jess. Can we say "AIR HEAD"!!! ohh and I like dede's comment bahaha


I hate these little frou frou purse dogs with a passion. I hope it's dead. HAHA!


I feel so sorry for you Jess :( For those of you assholes, think about how you would feel if your family pet was taken right in front of you.


Best Journalism Award. You are the only report that listed WHERE her dog was taken by a coyote, one of the cannons of a good article. Thanks.


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