Jennifer Aniston Still Believes in Love, Offers Obvious Relationship Advice

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Jennifer Aniston is featured in the upcoming issue of Australia's Harper's Bazaar and lucky for us, the lonely, miserable wretch actress talks about love!

"I'm still a romantic. I still believe in love," the 40-year-old says when asked by the publication if her sad relationship history has made her cynical.

Jennifer Aniston Can't Let Go

Thank goodness this insanely good-looking, wealthy woman is not completely resigned to dying alone (or at least packing on the pounds) at her age.

The Harper's Bazaar article also includes some relationship lessons direct from Jennifer Aniston. As for why romance sometimes fizzles, she explains:

"I think it's laziness. I really do. I think a good relationship is about collaboration. That's the way to go in a relationship," Aniston says, insightfully.

Jennifer Aniston is still a believer in love. Phew.

"I think you just need to talk to each other. Say what you need to say. Say what you want to say. That way it's not threatening. You just need to say, 'This is important to me.' Don't expect your mate to read your mind."

This apparently didn't work with Brad Pitt or that douchebag.

Jen also says women "try to do too much" in relationships.

"I think it's just instinctual as a woman to be the caretaker of your home, women complain that men don't do enough, but it's your own fault," she says.

"You train your man to do nothing. You can't blame someone for not knowing what his or her job should be if you don't ask for it right off the bat."

This concludes this afternoon's relationship seminar with the world's foremost expert. There should be at least one or two more later in the week.

In the meantime, check out these Jennifer Aniston pictures!


Always love Jen.
She is a defenition of love.
She needs a man that get through her heart not her famouse side.
Any time she has the ability to capture a man's soul.
Jen = Hollywood X Heartbeats Saeed


Any interview of Jennifer reminds me of a scene in an early
Woody Allen movie where the punishment for bank robbery was
being locked in a cell with a life insurance salesman.


Jennifer should co-host a relationship advice TV series along
with Mickey Rooney (13 divorces) and Elizabeth Taylor
(7 or 8 divorces.) When Betty Broderick and O.J get released
from prison they could join them as co-hosts.


Queenbigbutt...Get into!


OMG, you people quit picking on Jennifer! She's a lovely person! Trying to get attention? That would be lollipop-head Jolie, man-stealing, blood-drinking,"Ooh, look at me, I have a kid-of-every- color, stolen out of the arms of their poor mothers in third-world countries. Me, with my stolen man I'm too slutty to marry, I'm the Earth Mother! Uh, Nevermind my 85 nannies. Aren't I cute?" Please don't EVEN compare my girl to that nasty, publicity- hogging disease vector! Jen still is the girl next door. I feel for her love troubles. Even the rich and famous have their sadnesses. Maybe you all's skunk-smelling men will sneak off with a self-entitled piece of sh$$ too one day, and then you'll get some compassion. Anyway, how many of you who are calling her a loser, regularly get to sample some of the most beautiful men on the planet? Sounds to me like she knows exactly what she's doing and loving it. You go, Jen! We love you!!


She is just a pathetic person who says she just wants to "move past the woe-is-me" crap but yet she KEEPS talking about it. And some may say, 'well it's the people that interview her that bring it up!' Really? Then why don't they ask Reese, or Julia or Demi about their break-ups over and over again!


who is she to give relationship advice? she's always looking so desperate to find a man! who cares!


Get over yourself Jen, you are not all that, despite what your few fans and publicist tell you. Make a great movie, get dirty and visit needy countries, lend your name (for free) to spread awareness to important issues, or visit Vets or a soup kitchen. Anything. Do something unselfish for a change and maybe you will be taken serious again. With all the money and time you have you could make a difference, and i don't mean write a check... STILL trying to garner attention and sympathy, making numerous lame movies, bedding the newest hot actor and taking off your clothes arent cutting it. Quit being so shallow and give back! And people wonder why no one stays with you. Take some tips from your nemesis. Seems to have worked for her, got her #1 on many influential lists, as well as Brad. Oh, and fire your publicist, he sucks!


What ever happened to the sweet average humble girl from Friends? Now she's this chain smoking pothead who seems so desperate for attention. Shedding her clothes at every turn, overly botoxed and fake. Her humbleness has now turned to conceit. I liked her before Brad. After she married Brad she got big headed and hasn't turned back. I'm so over her now, i want the old Jen back. If she continues acting this way, i may have to switch my alliance to Team Jolie, lol.


i am cool


Jennifer Aniston Quotes

I actually feel I've been unbelievably lucky in love. I don't feel like I'm supposed to be any further along or somewhere that I'm not. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

Jennifer Aniston

You just have to love your life. I have my health, I have my friends, I have my loved ones. I'm extremely lucky.

Jennifer Aniston