Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant! (In Her Dreams, According to OK!)

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Just when you think OK! Magazine can't lower the bar any further, the fabled celebrity gossip supermarket tabloid establishes a new standard of hilarity.

According to this fine publication, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant! What great news!

Suri With Katie

Too bad there's not a single fact that would remotely suggest this, nor is she even in a relationship. Besides, everyone knows she's going to die alone.

According to OK!, Jen has never hidden that her biological clock is ticking since she turned 40 in February. Understandable, as that's pretty near death.

“I feel [motherhood is] in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way,” the Love Happens star said in recent months. “I want to have children."

Jen's "baby dream" is coming true. What that is? No one knows.

Becoming a parent has quickly become a high priority for the actress, who has scheduled several months off before starting her next project in 2010.

At least according to a celebrity gossip magazine that cites made-up sources who have surely never even spoken to her. They're made up, after all.

“Jen’s made no secret of the fact she wants to get pregnant,” says one such source. “Now, with nothing on her schedule for a while, she can finally relax and address priorities that matter most. Motherhood is at the top of her list."

“She wants to have a baby soon,” adds another Aniston insider.

Someone should probably tell her that. If she's not too busy picking out what to wear to the wedding of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, that is.


Jen rocks!!! All you haters suck!!! Love you Jen and wish the BEST ALWAYS!!


You know, because of this stupid article I will never visit this website of yours again.... If you dislike Aniston, that doesn't mean WE ALL hate her. In fact, you are a minority here. JEN YOU ARE THE BOMB !


i cant believe anyone thinks jennifer aniston is gonna die alone!! she is soooo no! and this hollywood gossip site is defenetly being completely disrespectful and has no right to talk like that. if i were jennifer aniston, i would sue u sons of bitches!!


Can everyone who made negative comments about Jennifer Aniston stop bashing on her. You have no idea of the mountains of sh*t she has to deal with and it doesn't help with you saying "she's going to die alone" just shut the f**k up. You're all sick twisted losers who have no life commenting on someone else. She's done way more than you're ever going to accomplish in your miserable life. Go live and stop b*tching about someone else.


it is shameful tht she is pregnant now. she destroyed her marriage by refusing to have a baby with brad. though I like her more than that skanky lezzo Angelina. i wish Rachel lol Jen all the best


jen is a beautiful really talented actress if she want a baby so what it will be another beauty to look at i think she should still be with brad but thats besides the point so leave her alone she is the best lookin 40 year old i no and you ppl talking bad are prolly 24 and look older then her so hurry and have this baby jen we love you


Jen is soooo boring.


Whoever wrote that piece of literary insanity needs and swift kick in the hind end. Seriously, go back to school and take some English classes. Your grammar leaves something to be desired. You have no business writing anything for the public.
This hatred toward the three of them is a waste of good energy. We don't know them and I dare say, none of us ever will. Brad and Angie have to answer to themselves for the wrong they do in this life. Jennifer has moved on and whether or not she ends up alone in the end is not for us to speculate. I wish her all the best in whatever she wants in this life.


People are really cruel. Jennifer Aniston is not going to have a baby -- ever. So what !!! Thousands of children are dying from hunger in Africa and all you care about is whether Jennifer Aniston is going to have a baby. She is rich, she is happy, and she is doing the work that she enjoys. If that bothers you, go to hell.


Jennifer is not cute. Not 15 years ago and certainly not now. I wonder who that she knows in the business that keeps giving her roles, because newsflash-- she is a terrible actress too. The irony to her baby woes is that she was married for a number of years to the hottest man on the planet who WANTED KIDS, and at the time she didn't. So she can suck it. He has a boatload of kids and she is alone. Bottom line, she hasn't proven herself to be breeding material.

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