Jay-Z VMA Performance Crashed By Lil Mama

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Leave it to Lil Mama, whoever that is, to try to close out the already-strange 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with one of the oddest moments of the night.

While it wasn't as ridiculous or rude as Kanye West's meltdown and hijacking of Taylor Swift's speech, the spectacle of Lil Mama climbing on stage for no reason during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' VMA performance last night was still hilariously weird.

For nearly five minutes, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were performing “Empire State of Mind,” a number that was to close the always-memorable MTV award show.

But then there was Lil Mama, appearing out of nowhere, standing awkwardly beside Jay and Alicia in a B-girl stance, whatever that is, as the song ended:

What the hell was Lil Mama doing on stage with Jay-Z?

In short, it was a puzzling and random conclusion to the evening.

A representative for Jay-Z, quoted by Entertainment Weekly this morning, says she has “No clue how it happened.” That makes about 10 million of us.

Viewers and celebrities alike had a field day with it. Fabolous even Twittered "lil mama is JayZ’s hypeman, she jus got there late!" That one's pretty good.

It's actually not as remarkable as it sounds, especially following Kanye's drunken antics, but watching Jay-Z’s understated, yet perplexed-seeming body language when he sees her unannounced appearance is still worth watching.

Follow the jump for a video of Lil Mama crashing Jay-Z's performance ...


Also, WHO THE FUCK WAS NEXT TO B? Albino lion freaked me out but I loved that B was singin' along with Alicia Keys and her husband.And Lil Mama made Avril Lavigne's song so much better, if she actually SANG instead of bobbin' her head like a psycho towards HOV then maybe it would've been okay. What DID MTV think when they hired security? Because it sucked dick.


That piano is tight! With the skylight picture on it. sweet


Looks like the VMAs need better security before their next show. Maybe a 10-foot razor wire would keep those drugged-up drunk-ass goobers out in the peanut gallery where they belong.


Really. She sucks ass. Who is she anyway....... Get the f### off stage. I think Beyonce should kick her a$$


okay... wtf lil mamma???? how gay is she like really? that was an ahhhhhmazing preformance did she really have to ruin it like that. shes such an ass hole!!!! and so is kanye west!!!!


Lil Mama ruined the moment! She should've set her ass down somewhere! This was Hova's and AK's song, not hers!!! Her ugly ass just wanted another 15 mins. of her understated fame! You shouldn't be crashing people's performances or moments, even if in fun---I guarantee if you were on stage you wouldn't like it one bit! This is why performances and shyt are SCHEDULED so you don't have shyt like this happening on the norm! Some celebs really need to get over themselves and realize everything isn't about them ALL THE TIME! Let someone else have their moment IN PEACE without idiots jumping in!

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