Jay-Z VMA Performance Crashed By Lil Mama

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Leave it to Lil Mama, whoever that is, to try to close out the already-strange 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with one of the oddest moments of the night.

While it wasn't as ridiculous or rude as Kanye West's meltdown and hijacking of Taylor Swift's speech, the spectacle of Lil Mama climbing on stage for no reason during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' VMA performance last night was still hilariously weird.

For nearly five minutes, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were performing “Empire State of Mind,” a number that was to close the always-memorable MTV award show.

But then there was Lil Mama, appearing out of nowhere, standing awkwardly beside Jay and Alicia in a B-girl stance, whatever that is, as the song ended:

What the hell was Lil Mama doing on stage with Jay-Z?

In short, it was a puzzling and random conclusion to the evening.

A representative for Jay-Z, quoted by Entertainment Weekly this morning, says she has “No clue how it happened.” That makes about 10 million of us.

Viewers and celebrities alike had a field day with it. Fabolous even Twittered "lil mama is JayZ’s hypeman, she jus got there late!" That one's pretty good.

It's actually not as remarkable as it sounds, especially following Kanye's drunken antics, but watching Jay-Z’s understated, yet perplexed-seeming body language when he sees her unannounced appearance is still worth watching.

Follow the jump for a video of Lil Mama crashing Jay-Z's performance ...


lol but sad stay off no one want u hear


kanye west = full of shit....someone needs to stop u.u r so stupid u r seeking attention u lil bitch!


yow i could not believe what i saw...bitch! u interupted the kings performance! ur ass is on crack!


m happy Jayz downplayed it and didnt really give her any attention.
Lil mama corny ass tryna ruin peoples moment cause she no where to be found.


this is exactly why i never liked dat girl she started off makin songs about lipgloss n now she think she can get on stage wit people as good as them go back 2 da studio wit dat b boy stance baygurl U WACK!!!!


'Also, WHO THE FUCK WAS NEXT TO B? Albino lion freaked me out'
lol, do u even have to ask? GAGA of course! aha when I saw that I was like WTF but then I realised that could only be Lady GaGa. No one else would do that.


wow i must have looked away from the tv when lil mama did that......oh thats right i was too busy on twitter lol but wow that lil hefffa played herself lovely jay-z backing away from her like where u coming from and it looks like she was waiting for him to acknowledge her at the end hahahahahaha faillllllll


It looked to me like lil mama might have had a reason to be on stage that maybe none of us want to touch on . If I was his wife looking in from the out side it looked like lil mama was the other woman or something like she had a hidden agenda. She was grmming him like yeah I'm up here now what maybe it backfired in her face ,but she was grimming him like it was something up between those two.


wutz ur motivation lil retard datz da most stupid thing one can do for a shot at a couple seconds of fame ...


WOW! She is no where in fame status as Jay Z and Alicia Keys! She totally ruined the ending show! Where the hell were the securities???

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