Jay-Z: Kanye West is Just "Passionate"

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The only person yet to weigh in on Kanye West's Taylor Swift ambush at the MTV VMAs has finally said his piece, thanks to a BBC Radio 1 DJ who got ahold of him.

"It's an awards show," Jay-Z said, dismissing the controversy surrounding his collaborator and good friend Kanye. "He's just a super passionate person."

That's a nice way of saying "jackass."

Jay-Z, the husband of Beyonce, who Kanye was giving props to during his rant on stage, did acknowledge that, "Of course it was rude, it was her moment."

But, "that's the way he felt. It was rude, but the way they're treating him… He's on the cover of every paper. He didn't kill anybody. No one got harmed."

No. No one got harmed. Including Kanye himself. If he can blindside a cute, very talented 19-year-old, why can't the rest of the world take him to task?

Jay-Z has Kanye West's back ... to a point.

Jay-Z, who was at the center of some party-crashing drama of his own (thank you Lil Mama) continued to walk the line when defending his friend, saying:

"It just wasn't appropriate. It wasn't fair to Taylor at all."

But qualifying that with, "at the end of the day, we're gonna celebrate him for his passion more than vilify him. As he matures, he has to balance that."

Still, Jay-Z said he doesn't back West's promise to take a break: "I don't think he should lay low. I think he should move on and have a brilliant career."

Whose side are you on?


I am going to start off with talented Taylor Swift,she deserved her moment.The idea of this egomanic-empty-headed yo-yo getting on stage to proclaim who he thought should have won was bad manners, whether it was yesterday,today or tomorrow.Taylor was voted,like who is he to question who is more deserving.He needs to be barred from anything where a person win by a vote.At the awards show, he could not even "pretend" to have some class.It was not enough that he went to Denmark a few years ago, acting crazy,in front of the group that won.You would've thought that he had learned something by his crazed behavior at that awards show.
Seeing Taylor standing on that stage with her award, he took away a moment that she had probably waiting for all her young life,and
this empty-headed yo-yo ruined it for her.Beyonce showed class by giving her a moment to shine after she had won,but it does not take away from the fact that K.W. acted like a natural fool!!


Kayne is a bloody idiot and took away Taylor's moment of glory at the VMA's. He deserves everything he got. end of story, dont need to make it complicated by saying he was racist or whatever


ok, kanye was wrong. we all know that. but come on ppl, rude crap happens every single day. kanye is a douche, but he makes great music. who cares if he has an ego-problem?! who cares if he whines all the time?! the only thing you should even want from this guy is his music. he's a human with flaws, just like us. but hey, if u wanna stop buying his music on "principles" then go ahead. (better not download it either!!)And just to clear things up,he has a problem with MTV, not white ppl! If he didn't like white ppl, then Im pretty sure he would be out of a job, cuz it takes bout 100 white ppl to put an album on the shelf! So stop trying to make this a racial issue. He apologized 3 times! he cant do nothing else!! leave the dude alone!


Ms. Lola. I must say you're coming off quite stupid. If it were inverted I'm sure the same lashings given 2 Kanye would have been applied to the white artist. The only reason no one screamed Kanye was racist is due to his recent infamous outburst and his track record with white artist.
I just think it's dumb for people to still be stuck on this subject. He apologized and gave reason like four times. He seemed pretty sincere about it (the 3rd time anyway) and it's so gone. No one died, no one is ruin(other than Kanye with other offended artist) so stop crying....Wah! lol


This wasn't that serious....give the guy a break....This Taylor chick can take a hit....no matter what you gotta have tough skin in this business....ish happens!!!To try to make it a race issue is ignorant....If anyone knows Ye, it really does not matter who is in his way about a passionate issue(in his head)...He is gonna say it. I mean he was probaly prepared to go up there if anyone besides Bey won...and dont think MTV was clueless about the whole situation....You guys just keep eating this up while Ye, Taylor, Bey, and MTV take all this publicity to the bank....damn, maybe we would have saved more lives if the world was more passionate about Hurricane Katrina when that footage reached the airwaves..


Jay Z boycotted Cristal and encouraged others to stop buying them because they made a comment about not caring about the HipHop community buying their champagne.. Hey J-Z! What's the problem? I don't think they hurt or killed anybody...But I guess offending Jay-Z is a more serious crime rather than humiliating an innocent young girl on live Tv in front of millions... I'm going to buy a bottle of Cristal...(while listening to Taylor Swift's album) I've suddenly become a fan....And I"M BLACK!!!


Amen, Lola! AMEN!!! My thoughts EXACTLY about the racism.


yeah let's keep it real...
he deserves to be vilified for this... let's face it, if a white guy had jumped up and said the same thing about a black female artist...proclaiming that some white girl's video was way better...jayz and every other black person would be stating it was outright racism... why is it that when it happens to white people no one calls racism??
kanye is an out and out racist, he hates white people....it's so obvious.


Jay-Z's part of the problem, not the solution. Stop covering Kanye's butt and let him take his punishment like a man (if he was one). Hey, it's Kanye who's always defending his behavior by saying "I'm just keepin' it real". Well, Kanye, we're just keepin' it real. You gotta shut up and grow up.


Hmmm.... think it's time to stop caneing Kanye, he's apologized three times. The tirade of abuse he's received (hello Kelly Clarkson), now seems to have surpassed the actual episode, on what was really only a badly thought out protest. I for one don't want him to stop making music, I love his music. He probably just needs to stay off the Scotch at the next awards show.

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