Janet Jackson Speaks on Death of Michael

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In an interview with Harper's Bazaar - her first since her brother Michael's death - Janet Jackson says she been unable to watch TV since he died June 25.

"It will drive you crazy," she says. "People can have rhinoceros skin, but there's a point when something's going to hurt you. Not everyone is stone, stone."

"I haven't watched the news in weeks. I had to ask my chef, 'How's Obama doing?' I haven't read a newspaper. On top of that, we lost a family member."

At times during the interview, Janet - who will perform a tribute to her late brother at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards - was at a compete loss for words.

"My brother is, I mean was..." she said, shifting on the couch, staring at the floor. "You have to forgive me, because it's really hard to believe he's passed."

Michael was laid to rest last week. His death, caused by "acute propofol intoxication," has been ruled a homicide; several doctors are under investigation.

She did not discuss her brother's prescription drug history, but Janet says he seemed in good spirits the last time she saw him: May 14 at a family gathering.

"We had so much fun that day," she says, noting that ate Thai food and tormented each other. "We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was."

As for how she is coping, "I've been doing okay," Janet Jackson says. "Work helps focus all of that energy on something that is of value to you."

She says she was touched when Michael's daughter Paris Jackson, 11, spoke at her father's memorial: "I was so proud. People said to me that Michael's daughter speaking really gave them a sense of how he was as a father, in her words."

"Paris is incredibly smart; they are all so smart. She's a sweet girl. The kids are doing well. They're with all their cousins; that family love will keep them going."

Janet also confirms that she's split from beau Jermaine Dupri.

She doesn't know if she'll get married again (she is twice divorced), but as for kids, "I'd like to adopt," Janet says. "And I think that if I'm really supposed to have kids, it will happen, if that's God's plan for me."

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hey janet keep your head up and be strong ilove you soo much please dnt forget about me please ineed you seriously


Janet...i am praying for you and your family. I love Michael soooo very much, it honestly feels like i lost a family member but in reality you lost a family member. You lost a brother who i can tell love you so very much and i know you love him the very same way. Remember as you said in your "Together Again" song "In heaven we will be together baby" and you will be with him again. We will all be with him.
i love you Forever, Michael


hey i miss micheal so much and i am here 4the family tryin to keep his dream alive and make the world a better place as 4 janet ilove her dearly with long line attached i am a 13 year old gurl looking 4 janet to adopt me and to help me persue my career as a singer,nodel dancer and actress i am awesome at all of these but if janet wants to adopt she should adopt me ilive in syracuse ny get at me janet aka dunk


Janet u really inspired me because i have lost alot of people in my life and i never could get over it but thax to u i have i have joined alot of clubs and that has really helped me
and hi to all of MJ's children
P.s u'll make a great mother


janet rules


i miss michael jackson, and i did not even know him. i am so sad

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