Jamie Kennedy: Cheating on Jennifer Love Hewitt with Shannon Funk, Sources Say

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Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Lovw Hewitt have spent the summer breaking every nauseating PDA record on the books.

According to a new report by Perez Hilton, though, the abysmal actor has also spent the last few weeks getting busy with his ex-girlfriend... Shannon Funk!

This is hilarious for multiple reasons:

  • It's miraculous enough that Kennedy is dating Hewitt. In case you haven't noticed, there's a slight disparity in the attractiveness of this couple.
  • Funk is the former assistant of Britney Spears. In August 2007, she sold out to the tabloids, claiming a lesbian affair with the pop star and telling the world that Britney was a terrible mother.

Kennedy and Funk are either perfect for each other; or the latter is making up more rumors to get herself in the news. As you can see below, she's very good at that...

Britney Spears: Bisexual?
What a Jackass

Shannon Funk and Jamie Kennedy?!? What would Britney say about her rumored ex-lover rekindling a flame with this fool?


Ya know, I'm a fan of Jamie, I think he's a great actor and all, but in reality he just seems like a huge DICK to me. I like him better when he plays fictional characters. That's sad. He's just another one of those people that's been RUINED by Hollywood and all the fame. At least J Love stays real.


there going out WOW!!!!!


lol...he shouldn't cheat she is probably the prettiest girl he can get


Well that is his lost not her's. she is better off with out him


site best


I heard that reps for the actress and the actor "have denied these
rumors". Yeah,right. JLH publicist has always said "We never comment on the artist's life" [except in cases of extreme slander--you know,like those pregnancy rumors;this isn't that] Recent photos show JLH as sad...and losing weight. She can't hide
the truth...

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