Ian Somerhalder: A Vampire We Can Hate

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Did you catch the series debut of The Vampire Diaries last night?

If not, you're in the minority: the show set record ratings for a premiere on The CW, as over 4.8 million viewers tuned in to see if Paul Wesley really could make people forget about Robert Pattinson.

The answer? Of course not. But the opening episode was still very entertaining and suspenseful. It was highlighted by Ian Somerhalder's turn as Damon Salvatore, a blood sucker fans can finally hate.

While 2009 has clearly been the year of the vampire, pop culture followers have been stuck with metrosexual, kind-hearted creatures of the night; from Pattinson in the Twilight Saga to Stephen Moyer's Bill Compton in True Blood. Even Alexander Skarsgard's Eric, from that same HBO series, lives by a certain code.

But not Damon, at least not yet. Check out a clip from last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries and see if you're as taken by this bad ass as we are:


We don't know yet because the new book The Return: Midnight comes out march 15, 2011 and i am prttey sure that is the book we find out who elena chooses. She definitely has strong feelings for both so i think it could go either way but personally i think it has been and always will be stefan.hope i helped!! : { )


Loveeeeeeeeee Ian I love his passion for who he is as a charchter and although he may seem heartless he in my opinion he really does care about his family and history he is one of very few actors that make me forget that he is acting and I deeply get sucked in and after the episode finshes I keep thinking about what could happen next until the next episode come out he's very much an inspiration as an actor and as a typical person might I add he is very handsome


Robert Pattinson = gross
Ian Somerhalder = HOT HOT HOT !!!


I love Damon...he rocks!

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