Happy Birthday, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead!

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With apologies to Liam McDermott and both of Denise Richards' daughters, the most exploited celebrity baby alive has a birthday today.

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead turns three years old, an occasion her pimp-like father will likely celebrate by taking her to mom Anna Nicole Smith's grave and inviting photographers along for the ride.

That's just how he rolls.

A year ago, Larry Birkhead milked this occasion for all the money he could, placing Dannielynn's adorable mug on the cover of a supermarket tabloid. It's the gift that keeps on giving cash into his bank account and years of therapy to his child.

Today, we just wanna wish Dannielynn a safe, happy, healty, unexploitive birthday. Hurry up and turn 18 so you can emancipate yourself from your money-hungry dad.

Daddy and Dannielynn
Dannielynn Birkhead
Us Cover Girl

** Update: Dannielynn actually turned three years old on September 7. But we stand by everything else in this story!


Well... since you wrote this on 09/10 and her birthday was days before, he obviously didn't make a big deal out of her birthday because otherwise you would have known about it huh? Sounds to me like you ran your mouth before you knew what you were talking about.


These people that are so judgemental and say sick things about Larry, I want you tell me what a wonderful life Dannielynn would have had with her mother. Do you think she would have gone to PTA meetings and baked chocolate chip cookies for the Homeroom class. She was living a questionable life and doing anything and everything to make a buck. Forget it!! Happy Birthday Dannielynn You are a lucky little girl.


Daniel Smith and his mother Anna Nicole were drug addicts. According to Larry Birkhead's testimony at Bahamian Inquest, Anna Nicole gave Ecstasy and methadone to her son Daniel. Daniel was violent and abusive and stole his mother's drugs. Daniel Smith and his mother were victims of their reckless lifestyle and debauchery.


Larry Birkhead has done a great job, people are always so
judgemental when someone who isnt a celebrity raises a
child of a famous person, Kfed etc, leave Larry alone.
Dannielynn looks just like her mother and father, and
Howard has nothing to do with it. I knew Larry was the
bio dad, and he has done well, happy bday Dannielynn.
RIP ANNA and Daniel. Hope the doctors/friends who gave
them the drugs, are punished.


I wish Dannielyn Hope Birkhead the biggest big 3 birthday ever,Hope you have fun and I have always love to see your pictures and you are a beautiful little girl,just like your mom,Hope uncle Howard is with you all,He loved you and your mother.Have a Good Birthday


I agree but things could be worse. What about her eyes? Didn't she have an issue with them where she was possibly going to lose her eyesight? I have never heard if she's recovered from that.

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