Ex-Girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth: Miley Cyrus Stole My Man!

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Miley Cyrus claims she doesn't have a boyfriend.

But try telling that to Laura Griffin.

The 19-year old Australian had to find out from her pals that boyfriend Liam Hemsworth had made out with Cyrus away from the cameras of the film they were shooting together, The Last Song.

On Set Romance

More Than Co-Stars? Liam Hemsworthy and Miley Cyrus may have contributed to Laura Griffin's heartbreak. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Soon afterwards, he ended the relationship with Griffin. Coincidence? She clearly thinks not.

"He was my boyfriend and my best friend," Laura told an Australian publication this week. "There is no other reason [other than Miley Cyrus] why we would have broken up."

Over the last few days, Griffin has done something to which Cyrus can relate: post messages online. On her Facebook account, Laura's moods have ranged from "total utter regret" to "depression of some sort."

She couldn't even muster up the energy to add a sad face at the end. :(

We hope this fling was worth it, Miley!

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why every1 keep say that miley bad she not and she not stole,miley and liam filming the last song but i think miley never meet some1 like liam so that y they together but if liam dont love miley real and y liam holding miley hand??


Miley Cyrus and a SLUT and a WHORE and she needs stop stealing other girl's boyfriends. Fucking boyfriend stealer and I hope her dad gets after her and go off on her, and yell and scream at her for becoming a boyfriend stealer.


They broke up a month before he left for the US. He had planned not to return so he could start a successful career over there!!! Hence the break up. which was mutual.


STOP miley had alot of boyfriends and i think miley already lost her mom and her grandpa so everyone i no that miley pole daced at the teen choice awards but lets give miley a chance she is a really nice girl i no some people dont like her cause she gave up hannaha montana but l iove her not cause she is famous because of her


good for miley
bad for laura
anyway,liam was an australian guy, AUSTRALIAN GUY LIKE CHANGING PARTNER


Miley did not steal him the other girl just wants liam back but sorry sister miley got there after the break up so back off!!!!!


he is hot


WOW hes HOT!!! good choice Miley Cyrus!!


boyfriend stealin bxtch. miley cyrus is a glammed up skank =P


boyfriend stealing whore.