Dwight Yorke Says Katie Price is "Infuriating, Vain" Woman, Terrible Mother

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Earlier this month, Katie Price claimed she was raped by an anonymous celebrity.

In a new book by her former boyfriend, meanwhile, the busty British model is likely to feel violated in a different way.

Dwight Yorke, the soccer playing father of Katie's son Harvey, writes in "Born to Score" that Price's behavior soon after their son was born was "the most distressing thing I'd ever had to deal with."

The useless D-lister would come home after long, drunken nights out and make so much noise that she'd awaken the baby.

"I challenged her about this lifestyle. She'd desperately wanted our baby but was this her idea of motherhood?" Yorke writes. "I'm not by nature a bitter person, but no one's driven me quite so close to that as Katie. The woman is infuriating."

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Still, Yorke proposed to Price during a vacation in Barbados. She accepted the ring, but the relationship went to Hell the very next day because Price wouldn't let Harvey sleep over with York's mother.

"It was deeply upsetting," said Yorke. "The fact that Katie couldn't grant my mum that pissed me off like never before. I hated her at that moment. It was the final nail in the coffin - I wanted nothing more to do with her."

Sounds like a healthy relationship; one that apparently was made even worse when Price met ex-husband Peter Andre.

"When I met Andre I wanted to throttle him. I'm not a violent man and it takes an awful lot to rile me. But this man got under my skin at the outset."

These days, Price is dating Alex Reid. No word yet on how Yorke feels about him; or on the time table until he also pens a tell-all book about this atrocious human being.

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i cant stand people defending him and lashing out at her.she is a good mother.she raised harvey by herself.he wanted her to get an abortion.he is such an ass.and such a bad father.he isnt in harveys life so he should stop talking so much shit about katie.she is the mother of his kid.she is the one who raised him not him....


and you are so useless ,piss of s..................of a man,bad father who never around for your son,now yo say katie is a bad moer ,?hahaaaa?i hate man like yourself peter andre,even the bu much better than you dwight yorke waiste of space,leave katie price aget a life,shameless man...........


how can he say anything he was a shit parent :|


her eyebrows and makeup are HORRIBLE


judging from the size of those things she cares more about how to show off her boobs than about how to care about her kids


in fact she is just funky looking


her boobs are funky looking


Well like you are any better. Atleast she look good what does that say about you...


lot about you