David Archuleta and Kris Allen: Double Dose of American Idol Cuteness, Videos

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We've got a double dose of American Idol talent and cuteness below.

First, David Archuleta performed "Contigo En La Distancia" at Friday night's ALMA Awards.

The former runner-up will release a Christmas album in October, as his career might be taking awhile to launch, but we still have little doubt it will be a massive success.

Said Archie of his performance: “It was my first performance on an awards ceremony, and my first time performing on TV in Spanish! I have to say I was pretty stinkin’ nervous... I’m definitely planning on doing more in Spanish, and I hope this will allow more opportunities."

Meanwhile, season eight champion Kris Allen is yet to title his debut CD, but he has announced its release date: November 17.


[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/live-like-were-dying/" title="Live Like We're Dying"] [/video]


David Archuleta was HOT on the ALMAs!! His Christmas album--0n Oct 13th--will be unbelievable!!


david archuleta without a doubt is an amazingly talented singer. he is above the rest. he is already successful with his gold album and platinum single considering the very little promotion from his label. he is destined to become more successful not for cuteness but for his genuine talent.


Oh I loved David's performance on the ALMA's and think it may have been his best! Such a big fan of his and can't wait for his Christmas From the Heart CD to come out. Yikes 3 weeks!
They both seem to be two very nice young men which sometimes seems like an an
anomaly in the music business today. Kudos to them both and hope Kris' new song does extremely well! Doesn't seem too bad at all!


David Archuleta owes his success not only to his incredible voice but also to his personality. Love him soooo much! And love Kris, too :)


A beauty - both the song, and the singer... David has a Christmas cd due out on 10/13... he's rumored to be singing one song in Spanish, and one in French on it... I think I'll be buying a Christmas cd for the first time in years... if anyone can make Christmas tunes sexy, he can.


Muy Caliente!!! Goodness gracious when did David get so fricking hot? Obviously he is very talented, voice wise. But good GAWD when did he turn into such a hottie?? Something about his voice with that super sexy spanish, I can't take it!


Archuleta is a vocally gifted singer. At 18, the power, the unique voice and his phrases and runs can take down any singers of today. David Foster was right. Vocally, he should have won. Archuleta shines when he sings BIG songs with his BIG voice. He is also the best pitch perfect acapella singer that I have ever seen. BTW, Kris' first single sounds good. Although it will take some time to understand lyrics, it is very catchy. Good luck.


David is amazing!!!! He will be huge.. just wait and you'll see


I appreciate you fixing the article to reflect the true release date of David's Christmas CD. Can't wait for it!


I think both David Archuleta and Kris Allen are very talented and I hope both reach the success they deserve. But I have to say, there's something special about David Archuleta. His voice, his spirit, his aura, his talent, his inspiration. . .is something exceptional!!! When he begins to sing. . . there's something that just inspires people and captures their hearts!!! David Archuleta is more than just "cuteness". . . he is the REAL DEAL!!!

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