David Archuleta and Kris Allen: Double Dose of American Idol Cuteness, Videos

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We've got a double dose of American Idol talent and cuteness below.

First, David Archuleta performed "Contigo En La Distancia" at Friday night's ALMA Awards.

The former runner-up will release a Christmas album in October, as his career might be taking awhile to launch, but we still have little doubt it will be a massive success.

Said Archie of his performance: “It was my first performance on an awards ceremony, and my first time performing on TV in Spanish! I have to say I was pretty stinkin’ nervous... I’m definitely planning on doing more in Spanish, and I hope this will allow more opportunities."

Meanwhile, season eight champion Kris Allen is yet to title his debut CD, but he has announced its release date: November 17.


[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/live-like-were-dying/" title="Live Like We're Dying"] [/video]


Archie..cute as a puppy!!!!
was my fav of the season!!!


David Archuleta is talented . He is a real deal. He is going to go far (His ALMA's performance has proved it ) . I like Kris and i voted for him last season. I was glad that he won and not Adam (i hate Adam w/ passion ) ANyway, i like them both and hope them success .


I don't see anything cute about either one of them. I would never buy their cds.


I like Kris Allen. But David Archuleta is the best singer there is today. DAVID ARCHULETA IS THE REAL DEAL.


It's been a pleasure to watch and listen to young Mr. Archuleta since his Star Search days. I am as proud of his accomplishments as if he was my own child.
The range of his angelic VOICE is beyond perfection to my ears! The way he handles himself in public, and with the media show how CLASSY he is. These are the things that will have me continuing to support David forever.
I will buy Kris' CD also. Just not as cranked-up over him like I am for Archie! It's that VOICE! :-)


Kris' new single is such a great beginning to what I know will be a long career of awesome-ly listenable music. Great job, Kris!
Archie's performance on ALMA Awards night was all that I love about David Archuleta! Just exactly what I want to hear from him. Beautiful voice!
I'll be buying both CD's asap.


David Archuleta?Career taking awhile to launch??
A successful #1 hit, CRUSH,an almost platinum 1st album,a sold out solo U.S.tour, other solo appearances,touring with Demi Lavato, touring with McFly,England, Maylasia, Singapore, the Phillipines,(Drawing 50,000 people to one concert overseas) recording,singing at Pro Bowl, and at other sports events,In washington DC, at the US Open, the Alma Awards,AND involved in charitable events.working with writers, recording.This is what David has done for the past year,so as to his career being slow to launch, I say "Houston, we have liftoff!" What a talent and a treasure.Glorious voice!!


I love both Archie and Kris. They are both talented and great inspirations. I loved Archie's song on the Alma awards and love Kris's new single.


David's career is alive and well. He does not a need a prop or gimic to make him sound good. He is a great career ahead of him. Kris Allen song is good, it will probably do well on the charts.


I must say that I agree with everyone here. David Archuleta has won my heart forever. I don't know what my life would be like if I didn't listen to his CD every day, watch my DVR shows from Idol and all his other TV appearances, go to my favorite fan sites AM and PM, go to his concerts (five and counting), and now for my birthday on Sat. my husband bought a DVD recorder so he could make a copy of the his performance at the ALMA awards for me to take and show other family members and friends who missed the most amazing performance of his career so far! Can you tell how much I love him----in all aspects of his life. There are no words to describe how his music and his persona affect my life. I hope that the powers that be will give him the recognition he so greatly deserves.

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