Dannielynn Birkhead: Missing Mom, Pimped Out By Dad

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Dannielynn Birkhead turned three years old this week.

To celebrate the occasion, exploitative father Larry Birkhead appears to have sold his daughter to the highest bidder once again, setting up another photo shoot for her with a celebrity gossip tabloid.

Grilled by OK! Weekly, Larry was asked such challenging questions as: "Do you love being a dad?"

Unfortunately, the magazine never asked Birkhead how much money he makes every time he pimps out his daughter like her late mother, exposing her to a life in front of the camera that is unlikely to end well. Just check out this frightening photo:

Here are excerpts from the interview:

On Dannielynn turning three: It seems only weeks ago I was bringing her home and now all this time has gone by and she’s bigger and wiser and such a great kid. Her birthday is a happy occasion. Parties are always stressful for me because I try to make them these big blowouts. But she’s at the age where she appreciates it now and she’s excited.

On being a dad: It’s hard work and time consuming but it’s worth it when I hear her laugh. All my friends are out in bars, but I don’t miss it. In fact, I’m morphing into my parents — I’ve become corny and sensible.

On missing her mother: She misses her mom so much. Right now she’s at the age where she’s noticing that other children in television and in books have moms. She said to me the other day quite seriously, “Where’s my mom?” It was sad but I explained to her, “Your mommy is in the clouds and you’ll see her again one day.”

If you can stand it, click on the photos below for more grotesque shots of Larry, likely raking in the cash, posing with Dannielynn:

Dannielynn in OK!

Larry Birkhead lives in Hollywood with his boyfriend. He doesn't have any talent, selling pictures is his greatest life accomplishment. Marshall money is a pipe dream!


Why is it any of your concern what he is doing with HIS Own Daughter?! He is a great Father that takes good care of her, he is hurting too. Quit being haters and pay attention to your own lives! He is not effecting your life in any way shape or form so get over it!! Howard is the one you need to be hating on, he killed Anna and Her Son. He should be in prison right now instaed of walking around like he is all that. Shame on his soul for the life long drama he has caused!!


I feel genuinely sorry for the little girl who seems to be just a means to an end for the men in her life. I sincerely hope that both Larry and Howard stop exploiting her as if it were their career and, while they're at it, abandon their ridiculous claim “on her behalf� against the Marshall family.


Well, on the bright side, it looks like he is spending at least part of the money on the kid- those cute barbie powerwheels and big birthday blowouts do not come cheap! I just hope that he's socking some of this magazine money away for her future education- and not counting of any of the marshall family money coming his way. (also note, it would probably be a good idea to use some of that money to pay some of the massive legal bills the Marsahll v. Marshall team must be incurring on that wild goose chase).

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Larry Birkhead Quotes

She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead