Classic Twitter Feud of the Week: Stephanie Pratt vs. Perez Hilton

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Stephanie Pratt and Perez Hilton exchanged some scathing Tweets this week. The subject of this feud? Steph's butchered face and Perez's lack of a life.

At the MTV VMAs Sunday night, Perez observed via Twitter that "Stephanie Pratt is so wasted! She's probably seconds away from barfing on her lap."

But when he added this line, in reference to Stephanie Pratt's plastic surgery, he really set off Spencer's sis: "She also had too much work done!"

Stephanie replied with a Tweet about Perez Hilton being a "piece of dog $h!t" who needs to get a life and "get off ur computer u F*%KING LOSER!"

She also says she'd rather die than be him. Rough.

Perez, never failing to get the last word or milk it for all it's worth once he has been acknowledged by a celebrity - or even Stephanie Pratt, for that matter - responded "Please b!tch, you wish you were me! At least I'm D-list."

Funny, true and not one he could use on Demi Moore.

He says she's "Z-list and always will be," which is possibly the worst thing you could possibly tell an aspiring fame whore. Point Perez once again.

Of course, had he stopped there, this would be a funnier story, but Perez had to keep needling at her, writing "you can get all the plastic surgery you want, you'll still be an ugly, formerly meth-addicted bitch." Ouch, that burns.

And finally, "You and Fergie have a lot in common - only she has talent and you have none. xoxo" All true, we suppose, but yeesh, Perez. Lay off.

Whose side are you on?

We posted two of their Tweets after the jump as prove that this happened, leaving them off our homepage due to the vulgarity. Click to see ...

Steph Twit
Perez Twits

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Can't Perez get some plastic surgery done, specifically on his mouth, so he can be left speechless (since he's already heartless and brainless.)


I don't know why she bothers wasting her time on Motorhead.


WOW - truly pathetic! He is such a douchbag and it looks like her face is sagging away ! NASTY


How funny. I think MTV should give these two their own reality TV show. In the meantime, could THG please give us updates on this feud in the style of The Hills; awarding each of them points per insult.


bwahaha, i love perez ! :)


Who cares what Fugly Mario says or thinks. That little princess needs to take a pill and shut up. Eh...who the hell is Stephanie Pratt.


can there be one where i can say i hate them both? they both suck. team edward is way better hahaha

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