Chynna and Bijou Phillips Speak on Mackenzie Phillips Incest Allegations

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Her sisters are upset, her stepmom calls her a liar, but Mackenzie Phillips isn't backing down from her claim of a long-term sexual relationship with her dad.

She hopes to become the public face of incest, not a post anyone would want to hold, but one that represents an issue she says gets too little attention.

"If I've started a national dialogue that's going to help people face these issues, then I'm forever grateful," Phillips, 49, said Friday via satellite on Oprah.

Mackenzie Phillips, who revealed her shocking secret in a new memoir, High on Arrival, appeared for the second time this week on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

She returned to Oprah to face the doubts from her family about the nature of her relationship with John Phillips, founder of the band The Mamas and the Papas.

Bijou, Chynna and Mackenzie Phillips.

On Friday's show, Winfrey read comments made by John's ex-wife, Michelle, who was also a member of the band and later Mackenzie's stepmother:

"I have every reason to believe it's untrue," Michelle Phillips said, adding that Mackenzie has a history of mental illness and drug abuse.

Mackenzie Phillips, who also says she became pregnant, possibly with John's love child (which she aborted), didn't take the accusation sitting down, although she has by no means attempted to deny her long and troubled history of drug use.

"When Michelle found out I was writing the book, she vowed to do everything she could to discredit me," Phillips told Winfrey. "She's either protecting the Mamas and Papas brand or is having a textbook reaction: She's embarrassed."

Mackenzie's half-sister, Chynna Phillips, appeared live with Oprah and said that her mother, Michelle, is angry. "It's not something that my mom wants plastered all over the papers," she said, backing up her sister's side of the story.

But Chynna Phillips admitted she, too, shared some of her mother's sentiment: "Am I exceedingly joyful that my family secret that I told my therapist, my husband and my very best friend in the whole word [is now public]? No."

Nevertheless, she said, she has known about the situation for 12 years and, while she wasn't certain that her sister could be entirely accurate about the details, definitely believed that the two were sexually involved for a decade.

"I was completely stunned," she said when Mackenzie shared the secret. "I walked around in a comatose state for about 10 days."

Mackenzie Phillips and father/possible lover John.

Another sibling, Bijou Phillips, has released the following statement:

"When I was 13, Mackenzie told me she had a consensual sexual relationship with our father. This news was confusing and scary, as I lived alone with my father since I was 3, I didn’t know what to believe and it didn’t help that shortly there after Mackenzie told me it didn't happen .... "

"I understand Mackenzie's need to come clean with a history she feels will help others, but it's devastating to have the world watch as we try and mend broken fences, especially when the man in question isn't here to defend himself."


It is a shame that people can come out with stories like this after someone dies and they are unable to defend themselves. Mackenzie is broke and a drug addict and this will certain sell some books. She has lied before and told her sister it was true then a joke, now that she is broke and wanting to sell books it is true again. We will never know the truth but my granny always said, "Consider the source" and in this case, the source isn't credible.


and for Genevieve to admit it was true she would have to also face her own drug addiction and poor parenting. do you see that Michelle and Genevieve have a vested interest in keeping this quiet?

@ tere

Her original story contained parts that had happened to a friend of the family, when called on it Mackenzie said she was joking. yes, joking. So consider the source...a drug addict that needs to sell books and is broke, some one that jokes about incest until it is time for a paycheck. or a dead father that is not here to defend himself.


to children, their parents are god. many brainwashers/pimps etc use drugs and the acting of either giving affection or withdrawing to change the way the victim sees the world. yes, Mack was a drug addict since a little girl. Those who say things like, "she is just a junkie don't believe her" are victim blamers. do the research. why do you think there are so many dysfunctional people hurting themselves and others in the world? they have a choice but the road is longer for some than others. the road nearly always begings with abusive parents.

@ tere

he may have been neglectful but remember, when some tells stories about a person that can't defend them self, someone that is a drug addict and needs money, you can be skeptical about the story


not only would michelle have to face her own underage sex with John, Bajou has to face her own drug problems


persons responding to this calling the affair consensual really don't have understanding of the dynamics. Look into MHMR desk reference under "stockholm syndrome" it isn't the same thing but will help you understand. Because Mack submitted isn't the same as consent. statiscally many rape victims continue to allow and participate long after they are grown still thinking they have too. If Michelle defended Mack she would have to open another door and deal with her own underage sex with John. Yes, John, according to history, went for underage girls and Michelle was not legal when they were together. also study codependent families you will see that in a co dependent family the crime isn't the crime, telling and embarressing the family telling in any form is the crime. putting up with incest or abuse is better than telling. some of the family are more interested in how they look than the truth.

@ tere

Consider this...she is broke, a drug addict and needs money. Her father is not here to defend himself. She has told this story before and added details that were copied from another person's abuse story. When confronted with this she said she was "joking". just joking. She is not a credible source.


she's just got a new book coming out, how convenient what better way to sell your book with a sensational story & thats exactly what it is a story the guy isn.t even here to defend himself convenient. why didn.t she say something before. why just say something now when your book is coming out and you'd be a terrible role model for people who have been abused. yours was consensual not abuse.


When drugs and alcohol are habitually involved, behaviors can go almost to any extreme. Michelle's accountability is in question. Hers and all the other women who should have picked up on the nature of what was happening..what it tells everyone ...the entire group of them were in this drug John Phillips full reign to munipulate his daughter's love in the most twisted way. A daughter who gets to jump from daughter to lover when convenient for him. Total unaccountability.. that is the true motive.

@ Dee Cee

no the true motive is a woman that is a drug addict and broke and a father that is dead and can't defend himself and a publisher saying she needs good stories to sell the book.


Come on, Mack...
You did it!
I saw you and dad, in the pic. What to say... there you stared at your daddy tenderly. I guess at that time you had incestual relationship with him and you looked filled with satisfaction, may I interpret your attitude, as " I am the lover of daddy, and I am proud of it ".
I admire you Mack..


I had my first child when I was one month shy of 19, I was a child myself and had to rear my children while growing up myself. 19 is a very vulnerable age if you have not had good parenting.


She is not a good candidate to help incest victims because what happened to her was consensual. She was not a child, at 19 i knew what i was doing. If you break the law at 19 you go to jail not juvenile. I don't believe her father raped her first. If that were true it would never have become consensual. She was just as much to blame as her father.

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