Christie Prody: O.J. Simpson Pretty Much Admitted Murders, Threatened to Kill Me Too

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Christie Prody, who dated O.J. Simpson for 13 years and somehow survived to tell about it, told Good Morning America that there were some close calls.

The Minnesota-born Prody, who was just 19 when she met O.J. after his 1995 acquittal, says he subjected her to constant emotional and physical abuse.

O.J. Mugshot

As for the million-dollar question of why the f*%k any sane human would get involved with O.J. Simpson, she said she was "very young, very naive."

Apparently O.J. wanted Christie Prody to look like his deceased wife, which is so creepy we don't even know what to say, "making" her get breast implants.

She now believes he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend.

"Yeah, I do," Christie Prody said, noting that O.J. said Nicole "had it coming because of her lifestyle - people she hung out with, namely Ron Goldman."

"It took me many years to realize and face that hard, terrible truth."

Christie Prody says O.J. admitted it "in as many words," mentioning details only a killer would know, although she did not reveal any of these on GMA.

She says she couldn't leave O.J. because "he would find me." Sadly, she's probably right, and is lucky he got convicted of kidnapping and robbery first.

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, was by her side, and said Prody's life was in danger with O.J. Simpson, and that "Christie fortunately got out with her life."

Both women reiterated their desire for Simpson not to be free, even on bail. Somehow we doubt they'll encounter much opposition to that viewpoint.

Saying her life is "absolutely great," Prody says she is in love with a wonderful man, and they apparently have a "beautiful baby daughter" together.

She got pregnant and had a kid? O.J. is not gonna like this.

Christie Prody Mug Shot

It took 13 years for O.J. Simpson's girlfriend Christie Prody to escape his clutches.


I guess that's why they called it the trial of the's been 15 years and here we all are still talking about it like it were yesterday. We, the spectators fuel the fire. The funny thing is, all of this discussion and still none of us will ever know what REALLY happened on that day. But.........have you herd of karma?


I would like to know what her parents thought of her dating this SCUM BAG? I mean come on, I realize she was of age and could do what ever she wanted at that point but, you would think that her parent would have played some type of guidance in this sort of situation.


I had the unfortunate experence of having to do some work for Nicole Brown-Simpson when she and OJ were still married. She was a bytch with a capitol B. She screamed all the time even thought I caught her in a lie about the facts. She was a loonie. I remember OJ saying how sorry he was for her actions. I could see how she could drive someone to kill her but I do not believe that it was OJ. And Yes the Goldmans were no saints. Ron showes up on a customers door to drop something off? Face facts it never happens even if your a celebrity. There was something else going on and my bet is it had to do with drugs. It sounds exactly like many other drug deals gone bad stories to me.


Obviously she again wants the fame that comes from being with a celebrity. Now she is a nothing again and will convince herself to say what she thinks she might suspect proded on by Gloria -Big fat nose in everybodies business- Allred.


funny,"this poster agrees with o,j, being aquitted".I guess there really are really stupid people who think somehow oj could not have killed anyone .Or maybe the poster was jack the ripp....i mean o.j.posting from his currant jail cell.


Also .."guest" that posted at 11:35AM today is a knucklehead ...
what a raving lunatic you are my friend LOL
and you're a racist !! no doubt about it.
but your rambling was partially amusing thank you for that.


Simpson is a killer !!!!!!
Anyone who thinks otherwise is more than likely black and racist.
C'mon ....who in their right mind would say he didn't kill?
and now he's doing some time ...I LOVE THAT !!!!!!


...and yes, the police knew of OJ's love of 'coke' with Nicole being involved and speculated that there might have been something to do with the three of them being accosted by others...but...who knows?'s been too long of a time to really get to the bottom of it now..especially since no one person saw who killed those two that's willing to admit to it anyway...


other guy= Chris Darden


Matrix- way to go! Your anti-Semitic rant shows what a lowlife loser you are. You poor, pathetic fool. You have no power because the Jews took over the media. I would LOL if it weren't so scary that so many Nazis reside in America and are courted by the conservative right for political purposes. Schmuck!

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