Chris Ivery: Cheating on Ellen Pompeo with Rachel Artz?

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Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. It's a wonderful thing.

Not as wonderful as that baby news? The fact that her husband, Chris Ivery, has allegedly been engaging in baby talk of his own ... with his teenage lover!

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In April, Ellen Pompeo confirmed that she and Chris Ivery are expecting their first child, a daughter, later this year. But by late May, Chris had begun a torrid affair with a restaurant hostess, Rachel Artz, in his native city of Boston.

"Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris Ivery," Rachel Artz herself acknowledged, assuming she's a real person, when she spoke with Star Magazine.

"We were intimate several times."

Is Ellen Pompeo's husband, Chris Ivery, sleeping with Rachel Artz?

A rep for the Grey's Anatomy star denied the affair, but additional sources say that over the course of three months, Chris hit it with Rachel several times.

The venues? Hotels in Boston and Miami, and a private residence in Martha's Vineyard, all while Ellen was home and filming her hit series in Los Angeles.

"Chris promised Rachel he'd make her a star. That's his lure," an insider said. "Chris often took calls from Ellen in front of Rachel and talked about their baby-to-be. He didn't seem to like Ellen much when he talked about her."

"He made her seem like a diva."

A diva who pays all his bills. The Hollywood Gossip sources know Chris Ivery is a d!ck, but we never expected something like this. Obnoxiously asking for Red Sox tickets, sure. Nailing some teenager? That's another ball game.


fuck all ya'll


How can people be so stupid. That's not Patrick Dempsey's baby! THE BABY IS CLEARLY HALF BLACK! Hahahahahahahahahahaha idiots


so i was never friends with rachel but i went to school with her i think this site is fucking rude and obnoxious because people that dont know her are judging her and they have no right i got rachels back on this one because i know some actual hoes and i know that she is not a hoe. i actually looked up to rachel when we went to school together. shes a smart girl and is a great cheerleader. doesnt make her a slut though. and i know plenty of people who do like her and she is a very pretty girl. so whoever has to talk shit about her do it to her face and not on the fucking internet seriously people get some lives.


Patrick Dempsey is married and has twin boys...even if Chris is a cover man for Ellen, I doubt Stella is Patrick's daughter.And if he is her cover man, I doubt she cares about him.Maybe some underlying fondness, but I for one wouldn't give a damn if my cover man was sleeping with someone else...after all, he's just a cover.


why patrick dempseys? isnt he married?? is that who ellen is with for real??


Helen- The baby is most likely Patrick Dempsey's.


hya camera dave just read your comment, ive thought for a while chris ivery might be a cover man, is that true?? whose is the baby then thats what i dont understand?? and why does she let him treat her in such a way, she deserves so much more! ellen is a talented and amazing person, i want to see her happy and be treated like she deserves, not walked all over and used by others


I would just like for everyone to know that I did not go to Star Magazine. The media fabricated this story and it is nothing but false information. I think I am a nice girl and to everyone writing cruel things about me GROW UP! I wasn't even the one Chris was supposed to make was my best friend! God forbid I make friends with someone that's married to a celeb -- didn't know that meant I was sleeping with him! I appreciate everyone sticking up for me so thank you. And to everyone else enjoy your pathetic lives! :)


Chris Ivery is a wannabe, backstabbing, drug dealer who knows how to use everybody he can to get a step ahead.


Its doesnt matter if this girl is pretty or ugly. She clearly has low self esteem to truly believe sleeping with an man who is married and is having kid on the way. I truly feel bad for this girl. Clearly she wasnt paying attention in school and when they teach about having morals. Sucks to be her.

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