Britney Spears Releases New, Sex-Themed Single

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Has Britney Spears finally crossed the line?

Over the years, the pop star has sang about orgasms ("Breathe On Me"); uncontrollable sexual urges ("I'm A Slave 4 U); and straight up, hardcore intercourse ("If You Seek Amy").

With her latest single - released today off her upcoming album, The Singles Collection - Spears continues this sex motif with "3," a song whose lyrics are entirely focused on orgies and threesomes. To wit:

Babe, pick a night
To come out and play
If it's alright
What do you say?

1, 2, 3
Not only you and me

Merrier the more
Triple fun that way
Twister on the floor
What do you say?

We say: enough! Britney turns 28 in December. She has two kids at home and legions of young fans across the nation. Must every song be sexual in nature? Will Spears ever grow up and stop singing about casual sexual encounters?

Another line from "3" states: Livin’ in sin is the new thing.

Really, Britney? It is? Is that the message you want Jayden and Sean to hear when they grow up and turn on your CD? Listen to the single below and then vote in our poll:

Is this Britney song too dirty?


uhm, what happened to her 'sometimes i run, sometimes i hide' days? THOSE, were singing. she could hold a tune then. but i guess it went downhill from the second album onwards. her first album was the best.
i dont get how you have to use sex to sell. look at taylor swift. she's 20 and she doesnt use sex to sell herself in her songs. and she hasnt been doing that since she started, that was when she was still a young adolescent? i think sex should be a special thing that is kept private between the two people doing it. but.. yeah. sigh.


Is Britney actually singing? She hasn't actually sang since her Oops days. Brtney has alot of hype and not much substance, but than again these days thats all it takes to have a song, a magazine cover or even a t.v. program.


Wow. I can't believe how many people support this over marketed, horrible singer. There are so many classic singers, past and present that she can't hold a candle to. The reason she sings these types of songs it because she can't sing. She has to sell herself and sex sells. If she was really truly a great singer, she could stand there in a paper sack and sing a simple song and people would love her. BUt she will never be able to do that. She has to take the cheap way to make money. She's not the only one who sings dirty, but honestly she's gross, she can't sing a normal song why?? But our country is over obsessed with sex for some reason. Let her keep singing like this, just shows how unintelligent she is.


people are sooooo you know how many people have "dirty songs" out there...seriously.....everyone just needs something to talk about..shes making money doing what she loves...not many can say the same...who cares how she gets it....Kudos to Brit..some people hit this stuff behind other meanings....she comes out and says it....n btw kids learn about sex and that stuff no matter what unless you put them in a bubble....get over yourselves people


Dear Raymond - You are aware Britney Spears IS divorced, right? That might throw a wrench into your theory that parents who speaks openly about sex don't get divorced.
It's one thing to teach your children about safe sex; it's another to sing about threesomes and orgies.


I agree with MZ. I bet if she were male no one would even notice.


Long time reader, 1rst time commenter. Britney is a grown woman who should be able to sing about all the sexy things she wants--I don't read anyone here giving Madonna a hard time with her using sex in her image for 20+ years or MJ who sung about being "7 inches in" on Blood on the Dance Floor or his crotch-grabbing period.


She is GREAT. There is no better role model for children regarding sex than parents who REALLY ENJOY and appreciate sex. Maybe the children won't (as many, many of our children do) wind up in our 50% divorce rate, and then, more, even the 40% no sex rate of the remaining people (after the 50% collapse). They call that "low libido". Hurray, Britney!!!


It's basically more about drawing attention and ratings if you ask me! Did'nt it get your attention?


she turns 28, you have an error


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