Brandi Glanville: Not a Fan of LeAnn Rimes

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LeAnn Rimes may be the new woman in her estranged husband Eddie Cibrian's life, but Brandi Glanville isn't interested in speaking to his mistress.

Not that we thought she would be, but when cornered by a celebrity news cameraman this weekend, she was forced to answer questions about it.

The mother of two told said emphatically, "I do not speak with LeAnn."

Outside the L.A.-area home she once shared with Cibrian, Brandi Glanville, a former model, spent the afternoon with sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2.

Asked how the children are dealing with the break-up of her and Cibrian, Glanville replied, "They're great. They're super happy. We're just having a picnic ... it's all good. Got to move on, right? I just play with my kids."

Despite Glanville's accusations that Eddie Cibrian is "too busy juggling women to be a dad," the Northern Lights star showed up Rimes-less Saturday to Mason's first soccer game of the season. The estranged twosome did not interact.

Don't expect his girlfriend to show up at Mason's future games, however. Glanville said the singer has never met their kids, as far as she knows.

A source says Cibrian and Rimes are "not as serious as everyone thinks they are." Despite rumors that the pair is shacking up, he's living solo.

"He still hasn't moved everything out of his house," said the source. Nor has he introduced Rimes to his mother, who might be an issue later.

The source said: "His mom and Brandi are like best friends. They are still really close. They just don't talk about him." Wow. That's gotta hurt, E.

Glanville declined to comment on pending legal proceedings regarding a custody agreement or prenup, or how her new BFF Dean Sheremet is doing.

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I'm not a fan of leann, but you all are so pathetic to say she's a husband Stealer! You can't steal someone's husband. .... he chose to leave his wife! If it wasn't leann it would've been someone else. Brandi is better off anyway, she's too beautiful to have a man like Him. Stop sounding like scorned wives and place some blame on the man!


Eddie enjoyed having sex with Rimes' wholesome little teenager act but now the obsessive-compulsive control freak in her that Deane Sheremet knows so well is begining to emerge and Eddie is starting to cool down. Lets face it, Miss Rimes' money can not still the fear in Eddie when he wakes up next to someone who looks like Mr. Rimes when she is not in full makeup.


NOT a fan of LeAnn's either!! LeAnn is an UGLY CHEATING HOMEWRECKING HO!! HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!




i cann't believe that lee ann rimes would sink that low to take another women's husband and father , i hope some day that she gets dumped just like her husband did, she is nothing but a home wrecking ho, and as a countryu fan i will not be buying any more of her cd, or cassets.


i can't believe that leeann rimes was such a girl, that would go after another womans husband. i hope she realizes what her country fans are thinking of her? to me she is just a home wrecking ho, and i will no longer be listening to her music, i hope she falls on her face when eddie gets tired of her. and finds some one else.

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