Oregon-Boise State Fight Kicks Off Football Season!

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Boise State defeated Oregon, 19-8, to begin an exciting season of college football last night, but a punch thrown after the whistle is drawing all the attention.

Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount decided to go Chris Brown on a Boise State player after the game at Bronco Stadium. Dude had to be restrained.

Blount later apologized for the punch thrown at Byron Hout, who was creamed in the jaw as players flooded the field (most of them just to shake hands).

The Oregon attacker also went after some Broncos fans, and his actions were caught by ESPN and replayed countless times for the national TV audience.

Watch the Oregon-Boise State fight right now and gasp in amazement:


Sound like #94 couldn't keep his mouth shut and #9 was trying to help him get it wired shut so his broken jaw could heal. Yes #9 lost his cool but #94 is as much of a punk and should receive some sort of punishment.


They need to make an example of this fool and ban him from the field indefinitely. It was a cheap shot and he needs to be punished for it.


This Oregon player should be banned from football.