BFF Backs Up Mackenzie Phillips Incest Story

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Chynna Phillips has confirmed that her half-sister carried on a long, incestuous affair with their father, John Phillips.

Now, as disgusting as it is to contemplate, a long-time friend of Mackenzie Phillips is also backing up her pal's story.

Owen Elliot, the daughter of John’s bandmate Cass Elliot, told Extra this week:

“Mackenzie is my best friend. She speaks her truth, and it’s not a pretty truth. She has lived with this for 30-plus years, and talking about this now is an important part of her recovery. I am very proud of her. Her bravery in telling her story is bound to help others.”

Whether or not it's true, it's also bound to make her a lot of money.

Photo of Mackenzie Phillips

Are you grossed out by Mackenzie Phillips, or fascinated by her tale?

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Will be praying for her and her family. What a difficult thing to be living with and deal with.


I think she is very brave for telling her story. No one would ever lie about something like that. Thanks for sharing your story