BFF Backs Up Mackenzie Phillips Incest Story

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Chynna Phillips has confirmed that her half-sister carried on a long, incestuous affair with their father, John Phillips.

Now, as disgusting as it is to contemplate, a long-time friend of Mackenzie Phillips is also backing up her pal's story.

Owen Elliot, the daughter of John’s bandmate Cass Elliot, told Extra this week:

“Mackenzie is my best friend. She speaks her truth, and it’s not a pretty truth. She has lived with this for 30-plus years, and talking about this now is an important part of her recovery. I am very proud of her. Her bravery in telling her story is bound to help others.”

Whether or not it's true, it's also bound to make her a lot of money.

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Are you grossed out by Mackenzie Phillips, or fascinated by her tale?


That's seriously just very very wrong! A Sin.


" One never knows when the same thing might happen to one "
Talking about a consensual affair specifically, I dare to define this kind of relationship as divine.
Sexual attraction between father and daugther happen to those gifted from above.They went to bed to devote each other their body and soul nudely ( as when a baby )not exactly to rock to sleep, just to abandon themselves to enjoy sexually,... till becoming impregnated....
sublime , tender !!
They lived a poem....


what ever MOVE ON!!!!!!! This is a flash back from what we heard years ago


Who gives a flying f*#% ?! (she probably still wipes her a#$ with her "Daddy's" neckties anyway) Oh, obviously everyone who has comments above and below me... Some SICK people in this world!!!!!! :(


This story is sooo sick, honestly I don't know if Mackenzie is telling the truth, it is possible, but why did she have sex with her own father? at age 19, she was an adult, she knew what she was doing, she could just said NO, then run to her family and authorities for help, instead she kept committing incest for so long, and her father is dead now, he cannot defend himself, maybe she wants publicity and obviously money. Who knows, but there is one God who will judge both of them.


I have trouble believing it. Not that I don't believe this stuff happens, it is too convient, and relys on hearsay only. Also, the sister doesn't say she knew it happen, only that her sister told her, and she believed it. Again she tells her something about 10 years after it ends. I also know from having done drugs, and know people that have done more then me, your memory gets screwed up, and there are things that you image, and your mind has a totally different reality. It doesn't all of a sudden get totaly good. Some thirty years of drug abuse, and rehab, and such. I need forensic evidence. Lots of fathers have paid for abortions for their daughters, and they are not the fathers of their children. But lest as a people stop our facination with celebrities, and realize they are rich, and maybe good looking, and that is all. They are usually failures in life, but the money keeps them from having the face the reality of it.


The only thing I object to are the statments that the relationship was consensual. This was a case of abuse, terrible abuse. It doesn't surprise me that she has chosen to speak out. Too many people who have suffered abuse live a fictitious life, agreed to silently by the family to cover their shame and guilt. This pretense has a devastating effect on the victim. All the best to you Michelle.


I believe Mackenzie is telling the truth and deserves an opportunity to heal. Hopefully speaking out will help her and others. She revealed the truth to her family long before her father died. They had an opportunity to confront him but chose to avoid this uncomfortable issue. In my opinion, her family didn't want to hear the truth. Families typically blame the victim. If Mackenzie makes money from this book, so what! This is a young lady who never had a chance at a normal life. I don't believe she's motivated by money and hope her story assists her in transforming her life from victim to advocate. Good luck Mackenzie! My prayers go out to you and your family.


Well, if it's true, she definitely needs the healing process...however, don't know how smart it was to go public...mmm, not good. Unfortunately, she is viewed by many to be nothing but an opportunist. Probably is true, but look at the ridicule she is enduring, but I guess the big paycheck with the book will soften the blow....sigh..........


I'm grossed out with her story, but I believe it might help others going through this. They will find that they are not alone in this nightmare. I believe Mackenzie Phillips is telling the truth. Those of us who have never experienced this type of thing can only imagine the trauma and confusion of a child and young adult being preyed on and betrayed by our parents, our "protectors."


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