Aubrey O'Day: Castro and Hitler Were "Brilliant"

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Yes, Aubrey O'Day appeared on Fox News last night and got into a debate about Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler.

And, granted, she referred to each man as "brilliant," while not remotely condoning either of their actions.

But that shouldn't really be the story. Instead, one has to wonder: What on earth was O'Day doing on air in the first place?!?

This is a woman so desperate for attention that she Tweets nude photos of herself and invents lesbian crushes on various celebrities. Apparently, that makes her qualified to serve as an analyst for Sean Hannity.

She actually sounds more intelligent than the conservative host below, as O'Day can at least recognize gray areas and make a nuanced point. Why can't Castro be both brilliant and an awful human being? Enlighten us, Hannity...

We'd love to hear what Jon Voight has to say about this.


S0...hmmmm....she's probably met a lot of murderers and Castro and Hitler were brillant...well, that's one way to make to make people speechless.I think a little more thought before she speaks might serve her well.Fast talking, with little thought,does not mean she has higher intellect.


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She's right. Hitler WAS brilliant. You think a dumbass can convince that many people that something that's obviously wrong is right? You think a dumbass could nearly wipe out an entire population? Obviously, Hitler was insane and evil and all that, but if he were JUST that, he'd just run around slitting people's throats and would have been just a common criminal in Germany at the time. But no. He knew how to get into power, how to brainwash thousands into believing his ridiculous beliefs, he knew exactly when to strike and how to do it. He may not have been nice and he may deserve every single particle of hatred people feel toward him, but no one can say he wasn't smart. Insane? Yes. Stupid? No.


Hitler is not brillant, he was a deceitful diabolical psychotic evil mass murderer theres nothing bright or smart about that


you dont have to be brilliant to run a country, live a long life, and terrorize people. you just have to be a sociopath with money, people, and resources at your fingertips.
find the definition of sociopath and you find the reason these people were able to grasp power. it's not about intellect at all. it's simple psychology. to suggest that these people are brilliant is a totally ignorant statement.


lol It doesn't surprise me that american broadcast 'journalists' are unable to comprehend a simple statement, or definition of a word. Just because someone has a high intellect, or is brilliant, doesn't make them a good human being or morally correct in their behaviour. Acknowledging the fact that people have a high intellect does not mean that you condone their behaviour. It is not a shock to me that Aubrey O'Day has a higher intellect than the people working on news stations within the U.S.
They seem to be so scared, brainwashed, or afraid of looking anti-american/semetic that they cannot think independently. SCARY.


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