Anna Nicole Smith Death a "Pharmaceutical Suicide"

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The late Anna Nicole Smith had 11 different medications in her hotel room when she died, all prescribed by one doctor, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Court documents reveal that a Valley Village, Calif., pharmacist refused to fill an order for six potent substances faxed by Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist.

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"Pharmaceutical suicide," the pharmacist called it. "They're going to kill her with this," the unidentified specialist said, per the investigation into her death.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, whose name was on all 11 meds, had written prescriptions for two sedatives, 300 tablets of methadone, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and four bottles of a painkiller nicknamed "hospital heroin."

She has since been indicted along with another doctor and Smith's companion Howard K. Stern for allegedly furnishing the late Playboy model with drugs.

The D.A. has singled out Stern as Smith's principal enabler.

The investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007) is still ongoing.

The order had come in days after Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, died. The pharmacist called Smith's internist to say he had no intention of filling them.

Objections from two other pharmacists were also noted by the investigators, who have found evidence indicating that Eroshevich and fellow suspect Dr. Sandeep Kapoor both engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with Smith.

That's just beyond strange.

A preliminary hearing in the case, which has been investigated for over two years and eerily similar to the death of Michael Jackson, is set for next month.

Larry Birkhead, pimp and father to Smith's adorable daughter Dannielynn, is among those close to Anna Nicole who are on the prosecution's witness list.


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I hope that Mr. Stern comes clean of what the court is trying to do to him,No one makes any body take the drugs Anna took,Look at the doctors that got her the drugs,I take pills,but no makes me.The dr. put me on them,Anna was hooked on drugs and had to have them,she was like Evis,Jackson and a lot of others,Look at what Tammie Wynette,husbman done to her and they never done any thing to him.Good Luck Howard


The DA is right to single out Stern as Anna's main enabler. Drugs were prescribed in Stern's name for Anna's use, what else is needed to show that he had a role in her death by prescription overdose? Appalling that someone would gamble with the life of another just so they could remain a hangers-on. I suppose Stern was maybe thinking that Anna could realize a big-time payout from her frivolous estate claim against the Marshall estate. He would have figured wrong because that claim has been baseless for the 15 years of its life and is about to finally be quashed in the 9th circuit.

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