Adam Lambert Thanks His Fans, Sports Facial Hair

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For the last few weeks, Adam Lambert has been a man on a mission.

In late August, he posted a video online and asked fans to donate to, a charity that supports public schools by providing them with equipment and supplies.

Now, the American Idol runner-up - whose debut CD is already number-one on Amazon - has created another video, this one thanking fans for all their donations. Below, he says:

“I am unbelievably moved by the generosity and resolve of my fans, who have donated beyond what I could have ever expected to help students around the country. Although I was on tour during the length of the competition, I frequently checked in on the challenge progress and was so amazed to see the number of donors and total amount donated continue to rise and rise."

Forget the message in the video for a moment, and let's focus on Lambert himself.

What do you think of his new facial hair?!?


Gorgeous with or without...I think it shows he is relaxing and just being himself.


Adam's beauty radiates from the inside. Granted, we are all blessed to be witness to his external beauty, not to mention his fabulous voice. One of the best voices I've ever heard. Adam you are the man!!! Thank you.


Adam has SOOOOOOOOO moved on from the American Idol/ bubble/tour persona/middle America. His fans must do so as well. He is now his own person , so we can expect lots of his fabulousness to emerge every day, in many different ways. Be prepared ! There are conflicting opinions on the blogs about the facial hair, but what an amazing talent, and his appearance is only a small part of the package. Personally...............I think gorgeous as ever !!!!!!!!!!


It's absolutely not fair how gorgeous and talented this man is! I'm relatively new to the Adam obsession and of course my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts but I don't care. I saw him in Newark, watched him sing Bowie and that was the end of my real life and the beginning of my Youtube existence. Please, please get here November.


The facial hair is hot!!!


No matter ... with or without facial hair ... he is still ADAM and it doesn't change his VOICE or his BEAUTY!!!


He looks wonderful with or without. Prefer without. Reminds me of Clark Gable (showing my age) and he was a handsome man. Adam just gets better and better.


Adam looks gorgeous with or without facial hair but if I had to choose, I would choose without.


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