Adam Lambert Thanks His Fans, Sports Facial Hair

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For the last few weeks, Adam Lambert has been a man on a mission.

In late August, he posted a video online and asked fans to donate to, a charity that supports public schools by providing them with equipment and supplies.

Now, the American Idol runner-up - whose debut CD is already number-one on Amazon - has created another video, this one thanking fans for all their donations. Below, he says:

“I am unbelievably moved by the generosity and resolve of my fans, who have donated beyond what I could have ever expected to help students around the country. Although I was on tour during the length of the competition, I frequently checked in on the challenge progress and was so amazed to see the number of donors and total amount donated continue to rise and rise."

Forget the message in the video for a moment, and let's focus on Lambert himself.

What do you think of his new facial hair?!?


he looks great with facial hair but i prefer without. no offense or anything


that is great. Keep up the good work... Stay Gay!


without, but i like him either way


Good With or Without ! I want to hear his new CD. The others are out, now it's Adam's time.


Adam, Adam, Adam. ***sigh*** every time I think there is no way on God's green earth that you can be any hotter, you go and prove me wrong, gah! Facial hair, no facial hair, doesn't matter. The Universe is in sync and ready for you...big time! And so are we, your fans! Just stay as sweet as you always have been and never forget your roots....that will serve you best. Love, 4-ever, Glambert #2516! XD


Adam, you look so MUCH better WITHOUT the facial hair. I realize you can't stay the same forever, but it would be nice if you could be the same Adam Lambert, who came in a runner-up BEFORE you start growing a mustache and beard. I will MISS the Adam Lambert I saw on American Idol.


Beautiful man with or without facial hair. This look is kinda hot.


I really like the facial hair. I think it makes him look scary sexy. Knowing Adam(as if), this look will be just one more in his repertoire. Don't think he will ever be boring, not in looks, talent, or music choices. Love him!


Mr McHot! No bout a doubt it! Dude you are da bomb!


I like all of his looks, but I am definitely feeling this look. Whatever he wants to do, he finds a way to pull it off.

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