Adam Lambert is Number-One!

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Adam Lambert finished second on season eight of American Idol.

But not even Kris Allen can stand in the way of the singer's ascension to the top spot on's bestseller's list.

Fans are pre-ordering Lambert's debut CD - scheduled for a November 24 release - in droves. It's outselling albums from artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Susan Boyle.

Huge Smile

Have you pre-ordered Adam Lambert's debut album yet? If not, you're in the minority!

Indeed, Lambert has a number of reasons to smile. His relationship with Drake LaBry is going well, and he seems poised to break numerous records for one's first-ever CD.

The crooner himself would never say it, but it's all a great, giant Eff You to the close-minded bigots that have been protesting his concerts. Stay strong, Adam! We can't wait for your album.


id like to pre order his album


30 million votes does not translate to 30 million voters. The population of Arkansas is about 3 million, and that includes babies and people in nursing homes. I doubt that the people who voted hundreds or thousands of times are going to be as willing to buy that many cds ... no matter how much they like Kris.


I am a pre-order because Adam Lambert can sing anything. I also think he will take control--he's not that young or naive to let others take over his career and make music decisions. He seems like he would have to really like something (he sings) for it to go on the CD. He has a vast musical knowledge and I am hoping that will trump trendy Ga-Ga routines cause a little Ga-Ga is ok, too much, not so much. I can see where others may envy Ga-Ga's career right now--but copying it (or her) doesn't seem to be Adam Lambert's ethos. He has so far, presented himself as a person who knows what to do with a song so, I'm buying the CD based on that and his amazing voice as well as his originality.


Well, Adam is in the lead now, but when Kris gets the 30 million Arkansas to buy his album like he did when they voted, I guess he will be ahead.


I already preordered Adam's CD I did not want to take any chances. The worse thing is, I probably won't receive it until Dec 8.


All of Adam's songs turn out to be my favorites. When he covers a song he puts so much beauty, and emotion into it. I bought his song 'Want' off of itunes accidentally( I was trying to buy his season 8 album. It was my first time buying off of itunes. I don't know what the hell happened!) At first I was kinda upset,and mad at myself for being so stupid, but the more I listen to it the more I love it. His vocals are so pristine. That is why I will pre-order his CD. I know that even if I'm not crazy about the songs, his voice will transform it into something exquisite.


I preordered it. I wasn't about to take a chance that it was going to sell out like the Rollinstone Magazine of his. I know digital downloads will be forever available but they are not quite as satisfying as having the CD in your hand. Big stores like B&N had 50 or more of his RS issue on hand but sold out very quickly. Music stores usually only carry a couple copies of each artist so I'm not taking chances. Amazon is already limiting the number of copies you can buy.


I am thrilled and will be first in line to purchase his upcoming CD--Adam rocks!!!!!!!!!!


Hope Adam will be making a solo tour after his cd is out. We so enjoyed his performances on the Idol Tour. Adam was the whole show. He has captured our hearts with his talent,sense of humour,intelligence and wonderful personality. Gale Hunter, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


I pre-ordered my copy as soon as I heard it was available. I know I will love it because I have loved everything he has sung so far. He is my favorite singer.

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