Adam Lambert is Number-One!

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Adam Lambert finished second on season eight of American Idol.

But not even Kris Allen can stand in the way of the singer's ascension to the top spot on's bestseller's list.

Fans are pre-ordering Lambert's debut CD - scheduled for a November 24 release - in droves. It's outselling albums from artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Susan Boyle.

Huge Smile

Have you pre-ordered Adam Lambert's debut album yet? If not, you're in the minority!

Indeed, Lambert has a number of reasons to smile. His relationship with Drake LaBry is going well, and he seems poised to break numerous records for one's first-ever CD.

The crooner himself would never say it, but it's all a great, giant Eff You to the close-minded bigots that have been protesting his concerts. Stay strong, Adam! We can't wait for your album.


Well that is so exciting......


Great picture!


Greetings NULL ?
Sharie K here ....
I don't know what happened - our comments must have gotten combined or whatever.... ANYWAY ....
Sorry you can't read, Bitch -- Mrs. Allen was referred to - thanks to Gentleman Jim !


I ordered 3 Copies, Can't imagine not loving his tunes. I love everything he does, I just wish it was a video/music CD so I could gaze at Adam while hes performing. His emotions are contagious. will share the copies w/a friend and my daughter & grandaughter. We all love Adam. I made a keychain for my 3 yr old grandaughter that she carries in her purse. Its like a book with Adams picture in it. Yeah Adam


Please delete that Shari K post. It's disrespectful of Kris and Adam. Moreover, Kris is a married man and it is totally disrepspectful to his wife. It's also very weird.


I didn't like him on Idol and I still don't like him. He's loud, tasteless, and vulgar. All this hype isn't making me like him any better.


I think Adam is cute as can be and I love to hear him sing. I will be looking forward to hearing his song on the radio, and I am not a teenager, I am an old woman who loves rock and roll.


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Maybe I'm being stupid again, but I thought Bruce was just being sarcastic.


Dream on Bruce, You must be from Arkansa. Who is going to give you the $ this time to out buy Adam. Let's face it; Your guy is so so, Adam is a real singer with true talent. Try to listen to him whithout bias, and if you truly love and appreciate music, you'll get hooked too.

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