Adam Lambert is Number-One!

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Adam Lambert finished second on season eight of American Idol.

But not even Kris Allen can stand in the way of the singer's ascension to the top spot on's bestseller's list.

Fans are pre-ordering Lambert's debut CD - scheduled for a November 24 release - in droves. It's outselling albums from artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Susan Boyle.

Huge Smile

Have you pre-ordered Adam Lambert's debut album yet? If not, you're in the minority!

Indeed, Lambert has a number of reasons to smile. His relationship with Drake LaBry is going well, and he seems poised to break numerous records for one's first-ever CD.

The crooner himself would never say it, but it's all a great, giant Eff You to the close-minded bigots that have been protesting his concerts. Stay strong, Adam! We can't wait for your album.


I dont understand the text because I'm german, but, I love Adam and all they hate Adam are stupid!


Got mine the first day, I like everything he sings, so I know the CD is going to be cool..


I have pre-ordered Adam's CD and fully expect it to be worth the money and the wait. Even if it is not what I would normally listen to musically, to be honest for the amount of pleasure he has given me this year, I am more than happy to support this release. Good luck Adam!


I think Adam will bring it to the table. There is something about him that just sells..His voice is unreal and he has the personna. The people who are backing him are giving him songs that are fit for him. I have no doubt his album will be a sell out


i love adam.... sometimes i do not even consciously know WHY.....but i feel that he is the best singer, performer and entertainer to come along in a long time. ps. i am 51 and i have never been known to be this starstruck in my lifetime!!!!!!


Adam could sing anything and I would buy it. He is my favorite singer since I first saw him on American Idol. I also hope he does a tour. I think many many people will be getting his CD for Christmas,


I cannot wait for Adam Lamberts CD to come out Nov.24th. I haven't ordered it online. Will take my chances at the store. I will definatly get it somehow. He rocks!!!!! And no matter what Kriss Allens fans say we all know Adam is number 1. Hell he even beat Madonna in recors sales. Let Kriss beat that one.
You go Adam!!!!


i didn't think he was any good


i don't get why people like him


i'll definitely buy his album. he has an awesome voice

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