Will La Toya Jackson Go Dancing with the Stars?

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This seems extremely unfair and inarguably exploitive.

In the wake of her brother's tragic death, La Toya Jackson is reportedly being considered for a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

"[She is] in serious discussions to join the show," a source told Us Weekly, adding that an offer is on the table and the (dancing) ball is in La Toya's court.

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We're sorry your brother died, La Toya. But don't milk the public's sympathy by competing on Dancing with the Stars.

Come on now, ABC. This reeks of a desperate ratings ploy, as there's no way the show would consider Michael's sister if he hadn't passed away last month.

Won't fans be obligated to keep voting La Toya through? Won't this be grossly unfair to the other hard-working contestants on the series?

No, we don't care too much about the feelings of Lou Ferrigno. But we're all about doing what's right dammit! Let's see if Dancing with the Stars feels the same way.


It’s a shame it took Mikes death for the media/public to recognize there are other talented members in this family. I think LaToya would be great. She is the only Jackson with any personality and her new album Startin Over is a fantastic showcase of her vocals, writing and production style. Dancing With The Stars would be a great opportunity to show off her dancing skills as well. Janet with her Minnie Mouse voice, sexual lyrics and prepubescent whispering in interviews is a manufactured bore. The producers know Toy is a celebrity who will bring in viewers. I hope she accepts their offer, and I’ll be watching eagerly each week.


This may be good for Latoya, but can she really dance. I mean Michael could and Janet can


i think that latoya should definatly go on dwts. yes michael passed not too long ago but it will give her something elce to do. i would loooooooove to see latoya and i would vote for her! and i know many others who would watch the show if latoya was on. so pleasssssssssssse put latoya on the roster!


She looks a lot like the goochie goochie Charo. Remember her?

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