Why is Michael Jackson Investigation Taking So Long?

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It's been almost two months since Michael Jackson passed away June 25, and what once looked like an open-and-shut case has sparked a massive investigation.

What is taking so long? Many things, some deeply intertwined and confusing.

If the singer's autopsy report reveals other drugs besides the anesthesia Propofol, prosecutors will have a harder time building a case against Dr. Conrad Murray.

As Jackson's personal physician, Murray is believed to have given Propofol to Michael on what was his final morning. But it could be a difficult case to argue he killed Jackson if the star were addicted to other prescription drugs.

Reports say police found Propofol an Xanax in Jackson's autopsy.

"You have to show that the doctor knew about all of these other doctors prescribing other drugs," says one Los Angeles deputy D.A. "It's a classic problem."

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Dr. Conrad Murray, who reportedly admitted to police that he gave Jackson the hospital anesthetic in the hours before his death, has not been charged with any crime, and through his attorney he has maintained his innocence.

But search warrants served on Murray for his offices and storage facilities in Nevada and Texas indicate he's the target of a manslaughter investigation.

Many anesthesiologists say it is negligent and unusual for a doctor to administer Propofol in a home setting and not in a hospital, and without proper monitoring.

Legal experts think that fact alone not be enough to prosecute Murray.

Prosecutors do have options.

If they determine that Murray and at least one other doctor conspired to prescribe drugs under fake names, they can charge doctors in a similar fashion to the two doctors in the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Smith died in 2007, and a two-year investigation resulted in Drs. Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich being charged with multiple felony counts of conspiring to prescribe dangerous narcotics to an addict using fraudulent means.

That may turn out to be an easier charge to prove under some circumstances than manslaughter, or the murder charge some believe Murray could face.

Investigators also could ask federal prosecutors to indict Murray, and possibly other doctors, for improperly transporting the drugs across state lines.

Warrants for a Las Vegas pharmacy where Murray apparently obtained the Propofol say authorities were looking to track shipments related to "the purchase, transfer, receiving, ordering, delivery and storage of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray."

But, it could be a tall order, because if Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with manslaughter, prosecutors "will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Dr. Murray) knew everything about what drugs Jackson was taking and his whole medical history."

For now, there's no need to rush, police say. There's an eight-year statute of limitations. By dragging it out, a side benefit may be diminished media scrutiny, as well as more time to interview more witnesses and consider the options.


its almost about 2 years and the judgement is nowhere
if they were showed autopsy report dr conrad murray should be 4 years at the prison,but there is a question,WHY ARE TAKING THIS SO LONG LIKE 2 YEARS? i dont understand i mean really...


Nikki, KD, Ann, Trisha, Ray Ray and Jan,,, what do Yor think??? could the police and the DA, be looking for some one on the inside??? Did you look at Jermaine on TMZ? and did you read MJfiles?


Michael Jackson had a "JUDAS" in his inner-circle, The private eye that is being written about at "MJfiles" would tend to say that Michael's trusted people could be the source of a killer!!!!!if this is true? then the police might have reason to go slow, and this would explain Jermaine's statements.


som bodi shud give dat doctor a medal MURREY 4 PRES!!!!!!!


I believe that it is unlawful to prescribe drugs to an addict. I think that Dr. Murray knew that MJ had used drugs in the past and that he was 'addicted to narcotics.' Therefore, he is an accessory to the crime if he goes ahead and gives him drugs. This is the main issue, not the fact that MJ could have had other drugs in his system which could have caused his death. Evidence has already proven that Propofol killed him. Case closed and should be a clear cut 'manslaughter case.' All this other stuff is not relevant.


I believe that Dr.Conrad is at blame from michaels death because for one why did he wait 5 hours before reporting his death,(so he could clean up the scene and get rid of any evidence?)(why was he no in the room with him when he gave him the medicine monitoring him as well) and also any doctor in his right damn mind would not have done cpr on the bed... throw the doctor in jail and please ensure that he is never ever able to administer medicine again period!!!! the doctor serioiusly needs to get sued for michaels death..


Get this frigging trial over and done with so that MJ could finally rest in peace. Throw the damn doctor in jail and ensure that he never get the opportunity to practice medicine ever again.


something happen in that room did he give MJ to must and why did he not call 911 when he found him why did it take hours and why was he doing cpr on a bed


If it is true Murray left MJ and didn't monitor him and then lied about finding him dead hour(s) before calling for ambulance,then I would say that is jail time...period.


i'm tired of lies and tabloid speculations. the truth will come out in the end. yes, anna nicole was a drug addict. larry birkhead knew that and admitted he impregnated her on purpose.

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