Vanessa Hudgens Wants to Marry Zac Efron

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Vanessa Hudgens is not engaged to Zac Efron.

While reports this morning indicated the pair had definitive plans to walk down the aisle, Hudgens was simply asked a hypothetical question by Great Britain's News of the World, to which she replied:

“We haven’t set a date and if we did we’d keep it secret for as long as possible. Why? What if one of us was offered a major film part? Then we’d have to postpone our marriage and people would say we’d split up. And we don’t want that.”

No, you sure don't. Then again, you don't want the Internet buzzing about your recently-leaked nude photos, either; so perhaps this engagement talk was meant to distract online readers.

Zanessa 4 Eva!

Meanwhile, Efron and Hudgens were spotted over the weekend at what's quickly becoming the Concert Heard 'Round the Tween World.

They escorted Zac's little brother to the King of Leon performance in Canada. Yes, the same one at which Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted nearly making out.

Speaking of which, riddle us this: Which couple is cuter, Zanessa or Robsten?


u both r vryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gud cuple nd d hole world wants 2 c u 2gether sooooooooooooooooooo gt maried. dis is my requesttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


zanessa u'll r d bst cuple i evr saw in any films............ there4 i want u both to b 2gether 4evr.
$ ur


i thnk u both shud gt maried coz u both mke a gret cuple nd i wanna c u 2gether! sooooooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzz gt 2gether. wish u both al d bst.


OMG zac is to cute 2 get married and besides i hate venessa i dont like her AT ALL i think she has a big ego an zac has to have lots of his own fans must'nt like them as a cuple.... zac efron has to be on his own,,,,sooooo i think venessa has to go bye bye vanessa....


you never see them together anymore.
and robsten is not a couple.
unlike zack and vanessa they have not confirmed it.


hiya VANESSA i think you should mary ZAC cos yah make a good cupple and you both soot each other lol although i think you are cute ill let you go to the 1 you love lol LUV YOU ZAC AND VANESSA!!!


i love this compleatly zac u are so fucking fitt as ly two


I really dont think they should get married. hollywood marriages just never seem to work and they usually end up hating each other when its over


I do think they're too young to get married, but they do look cute together and I hope it lasts. And if they get married my good wishes to them. People think that since their young it's just puppy love, but I started out with my actual boyfriend when i was 16 and he was 17 and 5 years after we're still together and happy. We plan on getting married but not yet, so I do think it is possible to find love at an early age, and it is very sweet.


i love u guys u 2 make a beautiful couple! i hope u can e-mail me later thanks byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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