Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos, Take Two: Real or Fake?

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Note to Vanessa Hudgens: you already have Zac Efron. You can stop sending him photos of your naked body now.

Indeed, almost two years after her firsit nude picture scandal, a new round of naked Vanessa Hudgens pics have been leaked online.


Are these real? Are they fake? Is Vanessa really that foolish/unlucky/skanky?

Months after the first set of birthday suit images were released, Hudgens said in an interview:

"It was something that was meant to be private, and even though it isn't anymore, I'd still like to keep it as private as I can... I hope all my fans can learn from my mistake and make smart decisions."

Unless someone out there has incredible photoshopping skills, it certainly looks as though Vanessa didn't learn from her own mistake.


Click on each image above for a closer look at this allegedly naked young actress.

Do you think these are truly photos of Vanessa Hudgens naked?


Vanessa is smoking hot. This is not a crime and she doesnt need to eat a cheeseburger dumb*sses! Just sit there and look pretty dear!


Come on guys!! I do think that's Vanessa but she looks a lot younger in these pics. SO I think they've been taken at the same time as the other pictures but the stupid idiot that put them online in the first place just didn't put all of them. And now that she's earned some respect BOOM they strike again!!! I mean how cruel can people be?! Wasn't one time enough? I really hope that she will get through this like she did last time. I like her and she should not suffer like this because of some A-Hole!


They're real. She confirmed them.


Okay, it's pretty obvious these were taken at the same time as the other photos, seeing as she looks exactly the same. She HAS learned her lesson, seeing these are old. But evidently an enemy of hers has not. Someone leaked these photos for a reason, and sorry, but my finger points at Jonny Viara. Or whatever his name is. Agents can very easily get their hands on stuff like this, especially from old clients. And after he sued her, and she sued him back, why wouldn't he do this to get back at Vanessa?


I would say those pics are fake, but look at the background, the room the bed, same place...still it probes those images are old cause she is living in a new house now, so if she was underage at the time this is ilegal and is a crime


Seriously Vanessa - you need to eat a cheeseburger, hun. Oh and a little mystery is good you should stop take naked pictures of yourself.


Seriously Vanessa - you need to eat a cheeseburger, hun. Oh and a little mystery is good you should stop take naked pictures of yourself.


for the uncensored pics


for god's sake. those pics were obviouly old pics. some desparate idiot just leaked them out at this very moment just so to spoil her career now that she's got a couple of new movies. people are just jealous of her. real fans would stick by her.


All I can say is that with the internet, there is no way to know if something is real or not anymore. The internet is such a useful tool, yet at the same time it is almost demonic. Take everything with a grain of salt, worry about your OWN life and just do what is right. If these are real, it's disappointing but it's her life and she'll have to live with the consequences. If they are fake, then shame on the person who did this.


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