Tyra Banks: Engaged to John Utendahl?

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Tyra Banks' longtime boyfriend, businessman John Utendahl, reportedly exists, and reportedly is very rich. Neither of which are all that shocking, really.

But when they went out to lunch on Saturday at the Little Next Door in Los Angeles, Banks was supposedly seen sporting a rock on her left ring finger!

Of course, Britney Spears wears engagement rings for fun without actually being engaged to Jason Trawick, so there's no telling what celebrities will do.

Still, is Tyra Banks engaged to John Utendahl? We can only hope for the future Gossip Girl guest star's sake that he's nicer to her than Brady Green.

This is Tyra Banks' boyfriend, John Utendahl. Tyra Banks is kind of annoying, so we have no idea how he does such a good job tolerating her on a regular basis.


ohh booo hoooo. tyra banks IS annoying!!!
great article!


Shes a smart beautiful woman so what shes a kittle silly @ times, and besides WHO THE HELL R U?HB


Tyra Banks is not annoying at all. xoxo D ( :


wow. to whomever wrote that, you got some pretty big nerve to say that she is "kind of annoying". so what if you find her annoying? somebody probably thinks that you are to, but since you are not anybody that anyone wants to read about, it's not posted for the whole world to see.


I'm glad she's so annoying, maybe you'll stay out of her business.


Who isn't annoying any one time or another, Tyra Banks is a very intelligent woman who has a fantastic talk show which is up for an emmy!!!!! She is knockout gorgeous , smart and very rich, she is definitely NOT desperate for a significant other. She does many positive things for many indiginence people. You go girl, I watch your talk show and AMNTM every time you are on. I appreciate you and what you do. Sincerely, Denise Rauh 114 Francis St. Jamestown, NY 14701 near Amish Country gorgeous country living


How is Tyra Banks annoying? She's so outragously gorgeous and her show is amazing! She gives good advice too.


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