Twitter Feud of the Day: Adrianne Curry vs. Megan Hauserman

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Perhaps Nick Cannon can Tweet the high road in his feud with Eminem.

But, based on their recent Twitter exchanges, it looks like neither Adrianne Curry nor Megan Hauserman is capable of the same restraint.

Yesterday, Curry - an ugly, washed up model, who has starred on VH1 reality shows The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady - questioned why the network would give Hauserman her own series. She Tweeted:

Curry Twitter

Megan Wants a Millionaire is a dating series based around Hauserman's quest to find a rich soulmate.

For the most part, it's clearly a satire of shows such as The Bachelor. It's not meant to be taken seriously... as opposed to Curry's ridiculous attempt to remain in the spotlight by actually thinking anyone on the planet cared about her life with the guy that played Peter Brady.

In response, Hauserman Tweeted:

Megan Twitter

This is one of the most classic, ridiculous, pointless feud of our time. Choose a side in it!

Pic of Adrianne Curry
Hauserman, Megan

I have to agree with Adrianne on this one!! Who in their right mind would give Megan their own show?? Dumb*ss VH1, that's who. Let's just give other Megan worshippers a full show so they can be just like her, self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed, conceited, rude with blatant disregard for anyone but herself!! Yes, the wording my be a bit redundant however I think they are very fitting. Next on the list is New York, another classic VH1 WTF were you thinking?? Reality TV is not tv at all, it's pathetic. Megan, I would literally whip the crap out of your sorry *ss, take your hair extensions and use them to gag your filthy mouth. Then you can go take a long walk off a short pier! Can't stand her, can you tell??

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