True Blood, True Hotness: Alexander Skarsgard in the Shower

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Alexander Skarsgard is sexier than Robert Pattinson.

It's true. Check out the results of our poll comparing the two hunks. Rob is totally getting worked over!

With that in mind, the following video is certainly a must-see for any female with a pulse.

It's a clip from a 2002 Swedish film titled Hundtricket (which translates to "The Dog Trick"). Sure, it's in a foreign language, but, for one thing, there are subtitles; for another, the hotness of this True Blood star is universal...

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Sure, Rob Pattinson is good looking...for a boy. But Alexander Skarsgard is a real MAN! And freaking hot. Hence the stupid smile on my face right now as I stare (and I mean STARE) at his picture. Many sleepless nights caused by this one...


Ding!Ding!Ding! And we have a winner! Alex is way hotter than any man I´ve seen. Talented actor, wonderful eyes (those eyes!!), a voice that can melt concrete, killer smile, tall and just WOW! He is just the perfect vampire - the power he transmitts is scary awesome! If you look up the word Sexy in a dictionary I wouldn´t be surprised if you find a picture of this man :-)


So look... I'm a huge robert pattinson fan and I do believe he is gorgeous however, alexander skarsgard is just HOT! I do not believe that many men can carry that amount of sex appeal. Wow!!! I'm deffinately team eric. Sorry Edward


Alexander is definitely the hottest thing to hit the US in a very long time. I think what makes him so special is the fact that he seems so real, accessible, and really really sweet. His eyes and voice are the most amazing things about him. And boy is that man a teriffic actor along with his hottness. The Pattinson boy is a nice looking kid but he is very much like all of the other young disposible actors out today (they all look pretty much alike) the only reason he is so popular is the fact that he plays Edward Cullen.


Cant get enough of Alexander Skarsgard. He is amazing.


Both Alexander and Rob are sexy no doubt but Alexander(Eric) has made me a true fangbanger! :)


Robert pattinson is a good looking guy, but honestly hes nothing with out his fake pale skinn haha. alexander skarsgard defiantly wins this one over on looks.:) and his character wayy better,twlight's getting overrated.:(


Team Eric! :D


Any woman can see that Alexander Skarsgard is a very sexy man. I've seen both Twilight and every episode of True Blood and the HBO show is infinitely more fun, witty and sexy.


Pattinson sexy?? for a teenager ...MAYBE!.....