Travis Barker Twitters Props, Grief For DJ AM

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After forming a lasting, near-tragic bond over their improbably survival of a plane crash that claimed the lives of four people last September, Blink 182's Travis Barker can't believe his close friend DJ AM is gone just one year later.

While he is normally known for his bitter online rants about his former wife Shanna Moakler, Barker's most recent Tweets were heartfelt and sad ...

"Don't know how i am gonna play 2night but i am for AM. My brother is gone.i love u and miss u, i'll never forget all the good times we had."

"I'll never forget everything we've been thru and every time i play the drums i'll think of you," Barker's Twitter tribute continued. "U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being. Rest In Peace my brother, this really f--ks me up."

Travis Barker and DJ AM prior to the South Carolina plane crash that they both narrowly survived almost a year ago - and which bonded the pair ever since.

The famed drummer has reunited with his longtime band Blink 182 and is on tour with the group, which took the stage in Hartford, Conn., last night.

Blink 182 paid tribute to DJ AM during an encore at their Saturday concert, Rolling Stone reports. When Barker would normally perform a drum solo, the band held an onstage vigil while all of the lights in the arena were turned off.

AM, real name Adam Goldstein, 36, was found dead Friday afternoon. The cause of his death is not yet known, but some say his recent breakup with Hayley Wood may have caused the addict-turned-straight-arrow DJ to relapse.

Here's a video of Blink 182's DJ AM tribute in concert ...


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i think its very sad. if he would of never started shooting this show, he wouldnt of realized how weak he still was towards the drug. not to mention the stress and obviously predictament he was under. considering he felt it once he bought that pipe. idk, he was defenitley something great, i guess i just wish he wouldnt of started filming that relity show, as selfish as that sounds i truly believe he would still be here. he would of never felt tempted or even second guess it, if it wasnt in front of him. dj am, you were great. may you rest in peace.

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