Trace Cyrus Slams The Jonas Brothers, Says They're "Fake"

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Trace Cyrus is a good older brother.

While the Internet debates Miley Cyrus' oversharing on Twitter, Trace has taken attention away from his sister's scandalous love life by bashing three of the most popular singers on the planet.

Oh yes. He's gone off on The Jonas Brothers!

When asked about the trio, in an interview with Details, the Metro Station guitarist said:

"I'm not trying to clean my image to make anyone happy. I could have gone the route of the Jonas Brothers. Those guys can't live their lives freely. They have to put out this image that's totally fake."

Someone is finally calling out the siblings for being nothing but a group of Disney-manufactured posers. Perhaps Trace walked in on Nick doing Miley, which would be a direct violation of his purity ring ethos.

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Jonas Madness

Asked if he'd actually rumble with The Jonas Brothers, Trace stood up for his sister's ex-boyfriend, replying:

"I'd never lay a hand on Nick - I love that kid - but the other two better not get in my way."

Those are fighting words. Literally! Choose a side in this feud:


trace cyrus is a hypocrite. maybe he should look at his own image before poking at others'. i don't like metro station nor do i like the jonas brothers, but i find his statements to be completely out of line. the jonas brothers may clean their image up a bit more than what they really are, but trace cyrus seems to have a fake image all of his own. honestly how many people get the many tattoos in only 3 years? he supposably wants to distance himself from his sister's career, but statements like this bring him so much closer to it.


I don't believe that the Jonas Brothers' image ia fake. You have to remember that they come from a very christian background with a father who was a minister. And as MP says, Trace should dial down the threads, as I don't think any of the brothers would just stand by while anyone hurt one of the others, even if it is the big brother og Nicks ex-girlfriend.. And All Fakes: It's perfectly OK that you don't like the Jonas Brother or Miley Cyrus, but there is no need to talk like that about them, as we all know it's pure lies


he only wants publicity!!!!!i love miley cyrus but trace is a trash!!!!!!lol/.......i love the jonas brothers and their music is sssoooooooooo coool!!!!!!joe is sooooo cute and hot!!!!love u guys!!


Hmm i think youre right MP i mean celebrities say after they break up that they are still friends but they cant fool anybody


considering trace's breakup with demi one can't help but notice he may be going after the jonas brothers because of their close friendship and connection with demi. as for a fight....who knows who'd win, but trace shouldn't under estimate kevin and joe (they beat up on each other for fun). those guys may have a clean cut imagine but they are full of surprises and having grown up just outside of New York City I have a feeling they were probably in a few fights growing up and know how to defend themselves or can at least take a punch. in plus, the jobros have a whole crew of guys who have their trace may want to dial down on the threats!!


I love the Jonas Brothers and I love Metro Station but I think he has a point about the whole Disney image thing. I'd love to see like Selena Gomez get a tattoo or something just to see what happens. I love them but I don't like Disney.


Headline should read "Three Boys and a Baby"


shut your face "all fakes" who cares about what you say. WE HAVE ANOTHER FIGHT! and i'm not on teams, i'm on club. okay? for teams took up all last year, so their old! GO CLUB JONAS!!! AND SHUT YOUR FACE CYRUS!!!!



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