Trace Cyrus Makes Out with New Girlfriend, Seeks Attention

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Somewhere between Tweeting for attention, Miley Cyrus has managed to give her brother a few tips on how to make headlines.

Step #1: Date someone famous and, of course, Tweet messages back and forth to one another.

Trace accomplished this goal when he briefly went out with Demi Lovato.

Step #2: Create a controversy.

Done! Trace referred to The Jonas Brothers as "fake" last week and caused an uproar within the Tweeniverse.

Step #3: Walk around until the paparazzi follow you and then make out with someone right in front of all the cameras.

No problem there, either. Man, Trace is good...

Trace Cyrus, Girlfriend
Attention Seekers

Stop, drop and kiss: Trace Cyrus has learned key lessons on how to make a name for himself. [Photos:]


Miley and Trace-All of them-the family-UGLY PATHETIC SLUTS SELF-CONCEITED ATTENTON WHORES Cyrus family!!


This guy is just about the ugliest creature on the planet.


i actually cannot believe this. You have totally the wrong idea. he isnt doing that for attention. If you knew the whole TRUE story you would know that he was standing against that wall with her to wait for his van. and he was ignoring the paparazzi and just acting like he would with a girlfriend if they weren't there. i dont appreciate sites who lie about and slag off people who are just living their lives honestly and are doing nothing wrong. The Cyrus family is a great, honest, good hearted, caring family.


Does anyone else think this guy looks like a terrifying horse?


WOOW! she looks like demi lovato!


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