TLC Says Jon Gosselin Violated "Morals Clause" of Contract; Loser Wants Own Reality Show

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TLC is really unhappy with Jon Gosselin.

But reports suggest that Jon could not care less that "The Lying Channel" is angling for a divorce, since he has his sights set on a new reality show.

Jon is in talks with a major production company to appear in a show called Divorced Dad's Club. Seriously, he is. We wish we could make up stuff that good.

According to TMZ, the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced dads. Producers have spoken to the father of eight, who's concerned about his TLC deal.

Jon Gosselin may have a shot at the new show, given how unhappy TLC is with some of his recent on and away from the cameras of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The network claims that Jon is in violation of the "morals clause" of his contract, partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

And nailing everything that moves, but they likely used nicer language.

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Jon Gosselin and Kate Major
Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman
Jon Gosselin Ridin'

Drinking, motorcycling, hangin' with his shady friends, screwing anything that breathes and being a general d-bag, Jon Gosselin has fallen out of favor at TLC.

Worse yet, Kate Gosselin is actually picking up the slack. She now has the kids more than 60 percent of the time and is increasingly involved - even when she doesn't physically have the kids - because she's concerned for their welfare.

All the money they made last season from Jon & Kate Plus 8 went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.

As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate Gosselin control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party.

Jon has only limited access to the account, and he's not happy. Kate says Jon Gosselin is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories about himself and the kids (like how he was quick to comment on the Stephanie Santoro fight).

No doubt Hailey Glassman is chipping in, as well. What will happen next in this saga? No one knows. Will it be good? No chance. Stay tuned!


Is he still engaged to Hailey and if not what happened to the $180,000 ring that he bought for her?? Did she keep it or throw it back at him? Anybody heard.


TLC should not release Jon from the contract; just suspend him for violating the morality terms and not pay him. That would put a kink in his "new chapter" of life!!! Does he really think he's a celebrity? He's a train wreck and you can't help but watch!!


I read on another site that PA is taking care of college for the children. So what college fund is Kate putting the money in, maybe for books etc. Why is everyone saying poor Kate. Great house remodeled kitchen, playhouses given to the kids vacations etc. H E L P at the drop of a hat to go off to interviews and book signing and other jaunts we probably don't even hear about. There are other divorced people out there that the women have their children all week and every other weekend the dad gets the kids. What is that the women have them 80% of the time, and guess what they don't have H E L P to go running off. POOR Kate 60% of the time with H E L P !!


i feel so bad. I used to love watching jonandkate plus 8. And i love the kid's so much they are adorable. And i really wanted to watch them grow up. but u could tell that this would eventually happen, they were always arguing. But i wonder if she is going to do he show solo?


This show was doomed from the start.I enjoyed watching the kids grow and learn,but when ur parents are always smiling for the camera and fussing at the same time where do u fit in as a child?She is a bully and he is a wimp that all of sudden remembered he had b---s.I grew up in this kind of home only reversed.They act like they have been set free no matter what happens.They could care less about the consecrences.


He's blown through his part of the money Already? No wonder the judge gave control of the bank account. Jon does seem to be a total idiot. Acts and dresses like a 13 year old. I doubt he has any legit offers for his own TV show. I think he's been doing a lot of exaggeration trying to improve his image as a big shot with lots of business deals. I hope Hailey's dad is able to support him.


haha...i feel bad for the question is why he was with her in the first place....heck if i were a guy and she was interested in me i would probably i would kill myself...


Kate is getting pitched as "the good parent" a role she does not really have to struggle hard for when this tool is the competition, although she appears to me much more interested in her "career" than her kids. Was she ever asleep at the switch to let TLC hand her this deal - Jon gets his own show, is free of her and her abusive mouth, can date, drink beer and still gets the access to the kids 2 weeks per month and I'm sure, half their income! or even can exploit, I mean highlight, their precious antics on his own show - while Kate is stuck sniffing her disapproval -- from her side of the front gate. Talk about getting pigeon holed in a role.

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