The Vampire Diaries is NOT Twilight, Producer Says

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All week long, we've been pitting The Vampire Diaries against the Twilight Saga in a round of analytical comparisons.

Now, producer Kevin Williamson - who created Dawson's Creek and wrote the movie Scream - is speaking out about the upcoming CW series. He wants potential viewers to know that it's anything but a Twilight rip-off.

"It's not just about vampires, its about all sorts of things that go bump in the night, Williamson told MTV. "I kept reading [the books] and I realized, this isn't Twilight at all, this is actually where a girl falls in love with a vampire, but that's where [the comparison] ends. It's like a modern-day sexy Dark Shadows and that was appealing."

The Vampire Diaries premieres on September 10 on The CW. We'll tune in for it. Will you?

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Actually Vickian, Twilight is only that popular as a book because is was dumbed down enough so someone as narrow minded and stupid as you could understand it. After all, most Disney stars are really popular despite their lack of talent because people like you buy the CD's.


who gives a shit if the vampire diaries came out first,the vampire diaries are obviously not that great, cuz they would of been had there own movies but they dont so stfu, they decide to make a show now just to feed off the twilight saga's fame, beside look their picture they look like there about to have a threesome wtf, the new moon poster look so much more better and meaningful.


Actually, Abz it's more like 1991 and a decade, but you're still right - Vampire Diaries came first.


Vampire diaries was published in 2001 A year before stephenie Meyer had the dream that turned into twilight


FIRST COMMENT!!! lol...and vampire Diaries was made before Twilight Saga. AND! That picture is freaking HAWT!!! (Vampire Diaries one)

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