The Twilight Saga vs. The Vampire Diaries: Part II

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Welcome to the second part of our investigative series into similarities and differences between the Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries.

Almost all readers are familiar with the former, of course, as Robert Pattinson and company have become an international sensation.

But what to make of the latter? Fans have been wondering if the upcoming CW drama is merely a rip-off of the Twilight franchise. As mentioned in yesterday's analysis of Edward Cullen vs. Stefan Salavtore, that answer is no; The Vampire Diaries novels were actually published long before Twilight.

Twilight Saga
Vampire Diaries Book

Now, it's on to part two of this special inside look: Jacob Black vs. Damon Salvatore!


  • Both have dark hair and dark features; are fiercely loyal; are considered the third point of an unusual love triangle; possess a unique family history.
As Damon


  • Jacob is a werewolf, Damon is a vampire; Jacob is a different species than his rival Edward, Damon is the brother of his rival Stefan; Jacob has a long mane, Damon has short hair.

Coming tomorrow: Part III - Bella Swan vs. Elena Gilbert!

Avatar me there both wonderful sagas to read, so there is really no need to get all negative criticsm on the book ... those books are all actually fair intresting!


To be honest, those similarities are minor. Their background is totally different and their personalities are completely different. You're barely touching the surface with Damon or Jacob.


The Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight, so its fair to make sure its a well known fact and so that Twilight Fans can't claim that The Vampire Diaries is a rip-off. If there ARE similarities, The Vampire Diaries wins hands down, as it was created and published first. Also, for THIS comparison, Jacob is the good guy, against vampires. Damon is the not so good guy, who wants to win Elena from his brother. Damon IS loyal, but it's more to serve himself. He also loves the fact that he is a Vampire and embraces the fact he must drink human blood. He loves the power it gives him.


honestly, i`m not so interested with this ...VAMPIRE DIARIES??

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