The Twilight Saga vs. The Vampire Diaries: Bella vs. Elena

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As we've chronicled in two other investigative specials this week, the upcoming CW series The Vampire Diaries shares many similarities with the Twilight Saga.

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    When It comes to character I prefer both :) Bella is pretty, Edward is handsome and hot and also Jacob :), But the TVD characters are more hotter :D Elena and Katherine, Stefan and Damon


    Twilight rules


    Twilight is nice & Bella is pretty (Poor acting though). But VD is a class apart ! nina dobrev (elena/katherine ) is much hotter and incredulously better at acting. The way nina makes the doppelgangers elena & katherine come alive yet they are so different is something open-mouthed Kristen can't pull off. & OMG! the sexy salvatore bros are much hotter than edward who looks constipated all the tym. The only hot thing in twilight is jacob... Jeez even the originals (team klaus) in VD would kick the volturi's asses any time . Plus we get to see blood , 'magic' & badass action in VD unlike in twilight where all we see is bella's open mouth and sparkling disco balls meant to scare us! baaahhh VAMPIRE DIARIES ALL THE WAY! i want stefan to marry Rebecca, Damon with katherine , Elena with Matt, Caroline with klaus , Elijah with doc Meredith. Poor jeremy! Hope bonnie returns


    Vampire Diaries=Bad ass Vampires
    Twilight= Sparkly Vampires
    Need I say more


    Seriously, what is up with a triangle love? It's confusing and cause a riot between fangirls... But i love vampire romance (no offense)


    I love Elena, love damon, i love tvd!!!!


    i think twilight is the best movie.i love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt.i am one of the bigges fun of twilight i love it and its better than vampire diaries

    @ ana bella

    My sister was adopted and I would NEVER say that I'm an only child. Jeremy is no less her brother just because Elena was adopted!

    @ Trish

    Aaand I meant that as a reply to ammanda phillips, not you, so sorry.

    @ Trish

    he said that because he was not by himself, so don't blame him


    elana is technically an only child because her brother was adopted in to her family before her parents died


    After watching vd I think that Nina is a great actress than Kristen. And also the characters of vd are way much better than twilight.


    TVD has a great plot because it features not only vampires but stories of humans, witches and werewolves. The way I see it, TVD has more opportunities to draw the viewers to their story since it's a weekly TV show. However, Twilight is also a nice movie flick but it focuses too much on the Edward-Bella love story. Although, TVD has its Stefan and Elena, there are different twists in every episode and season. I do hope though that TVD can sustain its great story and epic plot.

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