The Pussycat Dolls Break Up

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Considering they've hated their lead singer for months, it's surprising it took so long for The Pussycat Dolls to call it quits.

But the all-girl group (who really hate it when you loosen up their buttons and then just front) has finally broken up, as Kimberly Wyatt told Great Britain's The Daily Mirror.

“The girls and I have just finished our huge world tour and are taking a break from the band and doing our own thing. We’re all concentrating on our own projects and deciding what the future will hold."

For Wyatt, that future will likely include more bashing of Nicole Scherzinger. We can't wait!

The Pussycat Dolls

Will any of The Pussycat Dolls find success on their own?

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Its not Nicoles fault if shes the most beautiful among the PCDs, or if she gets all the attention. They're a group anyway, they should work as a team. The FAme is not for their individual name. Its for the group name.. So why the jealousy??? GOD! childish behavior!


please pussycat dolls get back togeither you have been my best group since i was little uup 2 now am 11 you can do it luv you all ...x


dis is so flippin bootleg but hey it was bound to happen sooner or later but my faves were nicole kim and mel oh and to all yall haterz out there dont hate the player hate the game u only wish u could do have the stuff these 3 could do so kick roxx and get over ur self }:)


Wow. Ya know, it would have been far easier for the ex-Dolls had they removed their boots before shooting themselves in the feet.


Wow. Ya know, it would be far easier for the ex-Dolls had they removed their boots before shooting themselves in the foot.


I always said to myself why they always have nicoe singing by herself.....i strongly think this is unfair becuz they have to all work togther....its not always her....thats why groups like these are gonna always break up....and nicole aint the best singer.....if u really listen u will ee wat i am talkin about.....


Nicole will find success; the others will not. That's how it always is. Nicole is the favorite for a reason. They should have stayed together.


I hope it's not true. I love pcd so much because they're so prety and have many song that sound good.


I wished PCD stayed 2gether. My favorites by the way are Kim and Mel


their not hating on nicole. I've been saying this for the longest that the group should just be named nicole and the dolls b/c u only here her vocals and sh's the only one who sings. It's almost like destiny childs with beyonce.. the only thing is that you heard the other girls vocals. Nicole just need to do something other than singing because obviously it's not working with a solo career neither a group one.

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