The Irony: Chris Brown Fills in For Drake

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First Drake took over for Chris Brown. Hooking up with Rihanna, that is.

Now Chris Brown is filling in for Drake. Rapping with Lil Wayne, that is.

After Drake went down with a knee injury a few days ago, Lil Wayne asked us to pray for the upstart Canadian rapper. He also needed somebody to pinch-hit and perform Drake's part at a show in Virginia Beach the next night, though.

The man who loves ramming them hos naturally asked Chris Brown.

Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) was widely rumored to be Rihanna's first rebound guy after Chris beat the living crap out of her, even though he claimed they were just "good friends." He has a hit single out right now with "Best I Ever Had."

It was Brown's first live performance since copping a plea in his assault case, but he won't be Drake's full time-replacement on tour - this was a one-shot deal.


I didn't any komment @ first cos i was w8tin to see if he's gonna bounds bak afta rihana set him up.and i feel too gay to sein yu doing dat,keep it up mr brown,yu gat ma sopot.


Fuck Chris Brown all dumb pussy ass that why Drake fucked Rihanna ten times better then em and hell no he is not his replacement because Drake is a thousand times better it would seriously take Chris years to even try to touch Drake's aroma


i love u guys lil wayne and chris brown! change their lives! lov ya! hugs and kisses!


It is so good to see u come back Chris....ur true fans miss ur thing and can't wait 4 ur album


You go Chris! We are so glad that you are back where you belong on stage doing like it should be. Your fans miss you dearly.


Sorry, most stuff on the net is false. Chris and Drake r friends so...The Rih story was BS, maybe a cover.. ummmm


like rightoeusly that is ironic

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