Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kristen Stewart vs. Selena Gomez

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Kristen Stewart appeared to have a message on the Teen Choice Awards' red carpet last night: hands off!!!

The Twilight Saga star wore a dress with spikes - yes, actual spikes - as she posed for photographs. Was she sending everyone a message? I'm the property of Robert Pattinson. Stay away!

You can decide for yourself.

You can also compare Stewart's outfit with that of Selena Gomez below.

The young stars actually have more in common than just a legion of fans: Kristen co-stars in the Twlight franchise with Taylor Lautner, while Gomez has been romantically linked to the handsome hunk.

But which looked better at last night's event? You tell us!

Spiky Stewart

Which actress looks prettier?


yay kristen she looks awsome
selena looks boring...


She can look elegant and normal(always w/ jeans)at the same time.
She will be stunning when she turns 30 - I only hope/wish she smiles more often during picture taking.


To pak31 classy and sweet ???? jeeez this chick has 17 years ! and looks here like over 25! kristen has 19 and looks like 19, you can don't like her style, but SHE HAS a style at leas !


kristen has the most flawless skin over her generation,, love her very much


I agree, you can't compare but COME ON. Someone needs to teach Kristen how to stand up straight. Nice slouch. She's a pretty girl but this look with the dark hair and bad clothes is awful. For a young girl, Selena looks classy and sweet.


2 totally different styles here, they both look great but shouldn't be compared-they are to different.


Has Kristen never heard of spray tan?

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