Stephanie Santoro Rumored to be Latest Notch on Jon Gosselin's Bedpost

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A couple weeks ago, Jon Gosselin said he was single, "per se."

Translation: dude will totally ransack anything with breasts!

The father of eight's latest conquest may be his most impressive / galling / hilarious: reports have linked him with Stephanie Santoro, a cocktail waitress, aspiring model and, oh, his children's babysitter!

According to Radar Online, Santoro has told friends that Gosselin hired her to take care of his kids. But Jon and Stephanie spent Saturday night together at Legends, an establishment in Reading, Pennsylvania where Santoro occasionally works.

The pair left together around 3 a.m., a witness told Radar, only to end up back at the family residence, where Santoro spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage.

Seriously - there are photos!

Walk of Shame

Is the coast clear? Can we pretend that no paparazzi are around to capture our respective walks of shame?

Santoro is 23 years old. She has brown hair, brown eyes and writes on her biography that she'll pose nude.

Follow this article's jump to view shots from her modeling portfolio.

Stephanie Santoro Image

Tomorrow night, Kate Major will sit down and dish the dirt on her time spent with Jon. Will she be peeved that he's already moved on? Will you watch the interview?

Will this dating carousel ever end?

So many questions. So many random women for Jon Gosselin to sleep with.


if i was kate i would take everything she is not being bitch she is doing what is best for her and the kids the kids dont need to see daddy out with a new whore everyday and someone that is much younger then his he needs to be a man and be their for his kids and work things out with kate kate has done her part.and daddy is started the run around thing i see the show once kate is a good mother i wish i had the chance to have what kate has a tv show i make it day by day with my kids i only have 4 kids and it is hard to pay the bills put food on the table put clothing on them and diapers on my two little one so yes my vote is with kate gosselin so you go kate do what you need to do for you and the kids.keep your show and the book thing going


Being who he is, and how popular his children are, he should have checked her (Stephanie's) references. She was fired from a daycare in Lancaster, PA for causing a HUGE argument to swearing in front of a whole classroom full of toddlers. It wasn't just "damn" either. She said $hit and *uck in front of them.


Why would anybody sleep with this jerk! Shellie hit it right on the nose...who wants anything to do with a guy that left his 8 kids...sure he still wants to be on TV but if he really cared about those kids, he'd clean up his act...


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For all you people who have sympathy for Jon and think he's gotten a bad rap - are you crazy! The tabloids were never interested in Jon and Kate until Jon started hanging out at bars and spending time with young girls. And what does this guy do for a living? He goes skiing with a twentysomething, to Europe with another twentysomething, and rents an apartment in New York.
All with money his kids earned. (Ok - once in awhile he shows up on their show for a few minutes.) Kate writes books, does book events and speaking engagements. She with the kids 24 hours a day except when she has to work. Jon spends the majority of his time hanging out with young women and cruising on his motorcycle. It's easy to see that Kate is a strong, capable woman and Jon was never man enough for her. You have to be a twentysomething to think there is something appealing about a father of 8 who left his family and lives off his kids money.


And he's Asian, which means he has a small wee-wee!


good luck in divorce court.kate gets full custody,
on a silver platter.


Eeeyew. That's all I have to say about this.


I guess we all know now why Kate's been so bitchy with Jon. A leopard doesn't suddenly change it's spots. Not only is he creepy, chubby, arrogant, smug and vacant - he's a disgusting little perv as well.
Best thing to happen to this family would be for Jon to just crawl away.

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